Worthplaying Preview: Ninjatown

WP reports:

''Ninja! Who doesn't love ninja! They are, after all, masters of flipping out and hugging people. And that makes them awesome.

Former video game journalist-turned-game-designer Shawn Smith has his own toy design studio, and now he has his own game based upon its style. Lovable, adorable and a little bit crazy is the name of the game at Shawnimals, and Ninjatown embodies all of that while putting fun design and game mechanics on top. This is the part where his journalist background comes in handy-after all, what better way to design a game that works than to have had extensive experience critiquing games that don't? (Heck, that means there's hope for me.)

Ninjatown can crudely be described as "My First RTS," with a smattering of tower-defense play style built in. Players can build huts which manufacture adorable little ninja of all types, each with their own special powers. The Anti-Ninja dresses in bright orange and is good for ranged attacks. The Wee Ninjas, well-rounded melee folks, subdue foes with moves like the Stealth Hug and Sneak Snuggle. Yes, they are exactly what they sound like. Things only get crazier when Business Ninjas and Zombie Ninjas, among others, come under your command.''

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