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''Too Human places you into the role of the Baldur, son of Odin and one of the more popular figures from Norse mythology. The title doesn't occur in a classic Norse setting, but is a bizarre, futuristic look at the world of Midgard in which a war between humanity and a race of machines has left behind a nuclear-scorched wasteland. The machines dominate most of the world, unbothered by radiation and the few remnants of humanity are housed in Aesir, a city under the watch of the Norse gods, who have enhanced themselves with cybernetic parts to battle the machines. The story follows Baldur as he tries to seek revenge for the death of his wife and figure out how the Aesir can defeat the encroaching machine menace before it wipes out all of mankind.

Too Human's plot builds up to two incredibly obvious "twists" that are only a surprise if you're completely ignorant of Norse mythology. On the other hand, if you're unfamiliar with Norse mythology, most of the minor details and references will fly directly over your head, so it's a lose-lose situation. To makes matters worse, the story doesn't end so much as it abruptly cuts off; the credits roll just as the story appears to be building toward a climax, making Halo 2 look like a coherent and satisfying ending. If the big "twist" that occurs before the end is supposed to be shocking to anyone, perhaps Silicon Knights shouldn't have chosen such a well-known piece of mythology on which to base their game.''

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Mr PS33739d ago

Just say that Too Poooooman is not Worth PLAYING !!!

belal3739d ago

i am enjoying this bad reviews hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

even haze is a better game and lair!

too human is never going too be goty

fable and gears 2 is remaining ;)

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name3739d ago

6/10 seems to be the golden number for the game.

And god too human reviews have taken over. Even MGS4 reviews didn't get as many views as this game did. I'm thinking it's because MGS4's reviews were GOOD, the bad ones were just 8/10. Too human is kind of a train wreck and everyone's looking at the reviews to see the low scores.

Drekken3739d ago

MGS reviews kept going for weeks!! This games reviews will pass through like the game - a silent stinky fart in the wind.

bumnut3739d ago

im buying regardless of what reviewers say because i enjoyed the demo

beavis4play3739d ago

you make perfect sense. i own a ps3 but feel the same way about games. bubbles for you.

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