IGN: Crysis Cost $22 Million to Make

CEO and President of game developer Crytek said Crysis cost 15 million Euros (22 million USD) to develop during a panel about the future of gaming graphics at the Games Convention Developers Conference in Leipzig, Germany.

Yet despite the cost, Yerli maintained the game was profitable, adding, "if it wasn't profitable I wouldn't be able to stand here."

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Jellzy4780d ago

The game was really gd, although lacked an enticing story. But i would still say it was worth it as it did provide the company with a profit (apparently), and also raised the bar on real-time graphics whilst providing other developers the same tools to achieve the same detail.

Only problem is, the Unreal 3 Engine seems to be the mainstream, and no1 has really used the Crytek2 Engine other than Crytek themselves.

jmorph94780d ago

Someone will use it sometime. Remember it is cutting edge and won't be mainstream for a couple of years.


Entropia will use CryEnigne2 its an MMO i think havent played it for long its free to download uses real life money when buying and lots is real money too the CryEngine 2 update was supposed to come in summer.

f7897904780d ago

CryEngine2 and Crysis cost $22 Million to make.

badz1494780d ago

that's not too much for a next-gen game, right? no?

Jellzy4780d ago

Nah it actually isnt all that much. I believe GTAIV has the highest development costs at around $100 million. Before that though the original Shenmue for the dreamcast had an estimated cost of $70 million. So for a game,(and possibly the engine although im not sure?!) to be built for that little is quite remarkable, especially considering the revenue it can produce form licensing out the engine to thrid partys.

badz1494780d ago

what I was thinking about. when I read about this $22 million, it somewhat felt underwhelmed! no wonder because I've heard other games which cost more than that! but for a game as stunning(graphically PC-tearing!) as Crysis, $22 million seems small! I was thinking around $40-$50 millions

jmorph94780d ago

was probably spent on the engine, which they will license out to others. In the end they'll make their money.

CAPT IRISH4780d ago

bring it to consoles and you will make even more money

Jellzy4780d ago

It has already been re-developed (possibly ported?!) to support consoles, in particular the PS3 which Crytek apparently has a inhouse development team for.

Its a bit old but details it a bit more.

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