Price Drop For PS3 Games

Although not announcing it in its online store, reports are coming in that U.S. generalist retailer Target is selling games including Need for Speed: Carbon, Marvel Ultimate Alliance and Tony Hawk's Project 8 for $39.99 – well below the $59.99 retail price set at launch.

This follows reports that Best Buy – among others – has actually been holding PS3 stock (hardware and software) since December 21st. This 'strategy' apparently relates to the fact that various Best Buy outlets only have between 25 to 60 units each ready to go for by December 31st.

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FeralPhoenix5447d ago

Isn't it too early for price drops on PS3 games....yeah its good for consumers, but it could be related to other issues or maybe I'm over-thinking the whole situation.....hmmm?

God of Gaming5447d ago

Yea this is not a good sign if you are a sony fan. This is FAR to early to have a price drop of 20 dollars, most will not understand that and think its simply a good sale but I have a feeling Target is not happy with sony at the moment. Remember Target was one of the first retailers to dump UMD when they were a bust and they seem to be bailing early on the standard PS3 game prices.

Its a combo thing.. first, not a ton of PS3 units out there (but the 360 had about the same units out at this time last year and we saw no price drop on games till March or so)

Second.. PRICE PRICE PRICE.. the PS3 is FAR too expensive for a GAME MACHINE... the attach rate will be 1 maybe 2 games per console for a while... I have been saying since last E3.. that price point of 500-600 is going to kill the PS3

nice_cuppa5447d ago

i bet they still dont sell

SPAWN5447d ago

Nobody`s buying them for that overpriced/overhyped console!

Mikey_Gee5447d ago

Sony has to make money some how !!

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The story is too old to be commented.