Why We Are Hyped for Xbox One’s First Exclusive Of 2016, Quantum Break

ThisGenGaming says "Quantum Break is the story of a University where Time Travel experiments have gone awry. In the aftermath it created abilities in 2 individuals but also fragments time in the world, causing it to decay. You are the main character, Jack Joyce, tasked with stopping the destruction of time, but you are faced against your friend, Paul Serene, who seemingly travels through time and emerges from the future as head of a corporation bent on its own sadistic plans. Jack has numerous time enhancement abilities such as super speed, slowing down time, and other manipulations. One of the most notable is that as the world is breaking down, time rifts or stops occur where the world seemingly freezes, however Jack and his abilities makes him “immune” and he has the ability to move freely in the new space."

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sammarshall1022003d ago

Quantum Break has great potential I think it'll be a system seller

dreadz742003d ago

Yes I agree looks insane the level of detail. 2016 is starting off great true next gen games are here now!

OpieWinston2003d ago

It's got the formula to be a system seller for people.

Intense Action
Familiar faces(Hollywood Actors)
Positioned with maximum attention

_-EDMIX-_2003d ago

The lolz...when has that ever been a "system seller" in terms of um "formula"? lol

bf0007779662002d ago

because it is the only aaa exclusive title xbox one have in H1 2016

FlexLuger2003d ago

Stunning game from what I have seen. Looking forward to it. Remedy know how to deliver and Im sure the delays will prove worth the wait.

Khaotic2003d ago

Day 1, no question. I just hope it has replayability. Different paths and endings.

MachuchalBrotha3162003d ago

It'd be awesome if you can play as his friend ripping through space and time, manipulating history. I can't wait.

Sciurus_vulgaris2003d ago

Just a few more months; April will be crazing my eyes will get to feast on both Quantum Break and Uncharted 4.

OldGuyStillGaming2003d ago

It's going to be the best month of gaming in a long time

Khaotic2003d ago

Jealous about uncharted. One day i will get a ps4 and hit up the uncharted collection then UC4

t-hall7852003d ago

I did just that. Beat the collection then pre ordered 4. Got Quantam Break as well. April is gonna be the shiznit.

Khaotic2003d ago

Yeah, wife and 2 kids. She had no problem with one console purchase as i never ask for much. But getting another one is tough to justify.

MachuchalBrotha3162003d ago

You can always do a swap. I did that for a while. Would have Xbox for a yr trade for PS and vice versa. Then when you have enough BAM! buy the other.

DarXyde2003d ago

Definitely a big reason I got an Xbox One. I got it earlier on for Sunset Overdrive, but this and Scalebound are the real reasons with a few in between titles (Ori and Cuphead, particularly).

That said, I'll have to hold off on buying it right away. April is simply a bad month for this game to launch, at least for me. I also have a PS4 and, well, it happens that I'm a huge Uncharted and Ratchet fan. Even then, the odds of me being done with Dark Souls III from March are incredibly slim. Quantum Break looks great, but compared to the other releases, it's sort-of low priority. It's high up...just not as high up.

Khaotic2003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

Im in love with the division. I love this shooter rpg genre thats making headway, and the division serms like its going to have deeper builds than destiny with more customizable gear. That with Dark Souls 3 and quantum break and the new deus ex. I will be good til fall releases of gears 4 and hopefully mass effect 4. Re-core is possible and Im curious if Rockstar will announce a new game. Bethesda is back at E3 and i seriously doubt its because of Doom and dishonered, i believe they will announce something big again. So as it stands there are a huge amount of already confirmed must play games with quite a few maybes in the realm of possibility.
There are some that will have to wait. Mirrors edge and homefront revolution. This is going to be one of the greatest years of releases in gaming history. IMO

Khaotic2003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

Crap i forgot about FF XV, there is not enough time in the year for all these games. Lol

MachuchalBrotha3162003d ago

So is it High or Low? I'm buying QB before all those games. I don't see anything better that month, but we'll see.

DarXyde2002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )

It's a "definite buy", so I'd say it's a priority, but not as important to me as the other games.

High priority as a game to have, low priority if I have to choose between it and other games to buy at launch.

Realistically, I've never hated an Uncharted (or Naughty Dog, for that matter) or Ratchet game. Never outright hated a Remedy game either, but there have been titles I'm "eh" about.

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