Take-Two: Physical Sales Still "Lion's Share" for Consoles; "Numerous" Unannounced Games Coming

During Take-Two’s quarterly financial conference call, Chief Executive Strauss Zelnick mentioned that physical sales still take the “lion’s share” of the publisher’s sales.

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Herbalistic2004d ago

Physical will be the lion share long as terrible speeds/caps exist in many countries

Abriael2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

I actually was surprised to hear that PC digital sales are over 90%. That's massive, even if you consider how popular Steam is.

DonkeyDoner2004d ago

and huge crap download size
also ridiculous day one patch size

DragonKnight2003d ago

In countries where the games are prohibitively expensive (such as my country of Canada), digital offers the relief of no sales tax because in Canada virtual goods can't be taxed as they are not considered actual goods. This is why I've bought more games digitally than physically even though I prefer physical. If I have a choice between paying $80 or $90.40, guess which one I'm choosing.

medman2003d ago

I don't know seems to me you could pay 10 extra bucks for the physical version, finish it, and sell it back and get half your money back if the money is an issue. Can't do that with digital. Also, if it's a game you want to hang onto, much better to have a physical copy than a digital copy for longevity.

DragonKnight2003d ago

I never resell games. And while you make a decent point, I can't justify $90 for a standard edition of a game. $80 is bad enough as it is.

Kalebninja2004d ago

A new Noire game and bully is what I need desperately.

Sevir2004d ago

let me know when they reannounce and reintroduce "Agent" to the world, I dont care if its multiplatform, but I totally dig games like that! I just hope they arent ushing rockstar north to churn out another GTA game

LamerTamer2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

Physical= own it forever, digital= own it until server support is pulled, AKA an extended rental. Physical can be re-installed in minutes if previously deleted, digital you need to wait hours to re-download 30+ gigs of game. Physical you can buy sell trade lend, digital download, no. It is about freedom to do what you want with the game disc and not have to ask permission from big brother with the digital DRM.

PC it is a bit different, you can back up your digital games so it is easier with digital if you don't mind the online DRM.

Heyxyz2003d ago

"Physical can be re-installed in minutes if previously deleted, digital you need to wait hours to re-download 30+ gigs of game."

100x yes! In this era of huge games hard drive space depletes fast, so deleting games is inevitable. The ability to reinstall my physical games in minutes (versus hours with digital) is a great reason to buy physical.

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