Four Features I Miss from the PS2 and GameCube Era of Gaming

Games have come a long way, but I can't help but remember some of what made the PS2/Gamecube era of gaming amazing.

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gamejediben3082d ago

You know what I miss about the PS2 era (and earlier)?

Fully functional, complete games with no day 1 DLC.

EA, Ubisoft and Activision are the worst offenders. It's because of them that I no longer buy games on day one anymore. I usually wait a few months-a year before I buy anything. IMO, they should not even announce a release date until the game is polished and ready.

DLC is also a MAJOR problem. I will NOT pay twice the price in DLC to get the full game. That crap needs to end.

LgbtWarrior3082d ago

Oh god give it a rest. The dlc model has been here since last gen and ain't going nowhere. No one is forcing you to buy it. You want used games? Dlc is the consequence.

deathtok3082d ago

I can hum the first 7 or 8 notes of a game from 1985 and virtually everyone knows it. Yeah... I miss those days too.


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Rebel_Scum252d ago

I'd put Street Fighter 2 over 3. 2 and all its different versions dominated the arcade scene back in the day in a way that 3 never did.

Abear21251d ago

Agreed, Same with Metal Gear Solid imo. Came for Bioshock and was not disappointed. Would easily put Burger Time or Space Taxi over tempest. Also, OG Sim City and Oregon Trail. Mario 64 as well. Just too many!

Abear21251d ago

Never played it I gotta get on this one

Double_O_Revan251d ago

Me too. I didn't have a GC until way later and never played it. I've been waiting on Nintendo to release the HD edition on the Switch for forever, but they just won't!

FinalFantasyFanatic251d ago

I never bought a Gamecube, I've always had an urge to play this game, maybe it'll get a remaster in the future.

LoveSpuds251d ago

I played it on WiiU for the first time and it remains my fave Zelda game to date. So much character and a real sense of exploration without the open world bloat.

Petebloodyonion251d ago

Ms Pacman?
SSF2 Turbo over 3 simply by the 10000000000's ports of the game we're still having
Castlevania SOTN?
Zelda Link to the Past over Wind Waker
Super Mario Bros 3?
Chrono Trigger?
Resident evil4?
COD MW2 (the original)?
Uncharted 2
Metal Gear Solid?

Here's my reasoning for all of them versus the list proposed in the article.
They are still quite enjoyable from start to finish on their original platform, unlike some Wind Waker or Okami that are fun when you play the remastered version (unless you call: forced to watch a 20-minute cutscene or have to blow for wind chance constantly fun).
Some of them are the pinnacle of what the console could do (MGS, Chrono, MGS)
Lots of them are still considered the go-to-go game for their genre.

Shane Kim251d ago

Said it before but Heart of Darkness is truly a timeless gem.

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