New Baja Screenshots

PSIllustrated writes:
"Sony and THQ released several new screenshots for the upcoming racing PS3 game, Baja: Edge of Control. Enjoy the nitty-gritty world that you will be racing through when this game launches this September."

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Bombibomb3808d ago

I agree. Baja looks like a PS2 game.

pp3808d ago

Baja looks better and better everytime i see it my minds made up forget buying motorstorm

DavidMacDougall3808d ago

You mean you cant buy motorstorm because the 360 cant run it

Bombibomb3808d ago

LMFAO who let you into the Gamer Zone, pp?

This is Motorstorm 2.

Now go back and look at those screen shots for Baja. Can you honestly tell me you don't feel like an idiot?

belal3808d ago

you are a 360 fan and do NOT have a ps3 we all no it. if you have a ps3 whats you psn ?

thats right you dont have an id becous you dont have a ps3 ;)

Fishy Fingers3808d ago

Sorry to reiterate, but Motorstorm 2 will satisfied my off road racing needs.

Baja really fails to impress me.

InMyOpinion3808d ago

I think Pure looks better than both Baja and Motorstorm 2.

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