Diablo 3 Media Reveals Ureh

Blizzard released recently three new concept art images, two gameplay screenshots and a wallpaper. The gameplay screenshots show an outdoor scenario where the Barbarian has fought through zombies. Two things are captured in this screenshot: Zombie corpses can be seen afar from the Barbarian, plenty of them. Corpses won't disappear too soon. The second thing to notice is how much dynamic scars are drawn onto the Barbarian's body as he fights through hordes of enemies.

The Wallpaper finally reveals what the ruins shown in the Diablo 3 cinematic at the 2008 Paris Blizzard Worldwide Invitationals is: Legendary ruins of Ureh, straight from the novel Diablo: Kingdom of Shadow by Richard A. Knaak. And where Ureh is mentioned, the Necromancers ... specially Zayl and his companion Humbart are not too far away.

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