PSPVC 2.81 Released - Convert Videos DIRECT on your PSP!

PSPVC :: PSP Video Converter is a FREE video converter for PSP (Playstation Portable)
capable of converting almost any video-format into PSP compatible media!

PSPVC is easy to use and no custom firmware is reuired! Simply select a video and click "START", it´s that simple! Add your own subtitles in your own language, tweak the image into perfection. PSPVC is also equiped with a built-in video downloader, so you can download and convert videos from any of the supported sites with ease.

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ChrisGTR13738d ago

right... im really looking forward to converting a video on a slow ass 222 mhz processor...converting vids is already slow as hell on my normal pc.

Tony240ZT3738d ago

It uses your PC with a web server setup to convert your videos. Once the conversion is complete it downloads it to your PSP. This is just a way to remotely control your PC through a web app.