Nintendo: Our E3 was disappointing

MCV: Nintendo of America sales and marketing boss Cammie Dunaway has admitted that the firm was 'disappointed' with its performance at E3.

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ChickeyCantor3739d ago

After all that damage she actually agreed...

Jamie Foxx3739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

i just dont understand nintendo at to moment wii is selling yes, but you cant rest on your laurels,nintendo 'we have hardcore games like animal crossing' seem to have taken the arrogant crown from sony and we all saw what nearly happened to sony this gen with the arrogant nonesense they began with the ps3,sony hd to wise up fast lets hope nintendo do because i love the nintendo of old most of us grew up on nintendo like they were surrogate parents

ChickeyCantor3739d ago

No need for "no sh/t".
It's not easy for a company that's selling so great to admit a thing like this, but she just basically did.
I was surprised because this does not always happen.

I'm not surprised that they call Animal crossing "hardcore".
This game sold on the GCN too, without all the "casual" people.
Also a game that you play for hours must be "hardcore".

Now i dont care for this game, i was never interested.

Odiah3739d ago

Hmmm, maybe now they'll put their effort into a different event. Anyone for Spaceworld? =P

nieto3739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

what nintendo of old? foxx

nintendo has been always arrogant and that's why they loosed FFVII and a bunch of third party support on the N64 days. the GameCube and Wii it's from the new nintendo but in my opinion the Wii it's sucking more than the GC because i actually liked the GC but not the Wii. I even own a GC.

the old president of nintendo, the one before Iwata was like one of the most arrogant persons ever. when nintendo loosed FF to the PS1 he said that rpg's are for loners and losers... can you believe that? but nintendo fanboys seems to forget every bad thing that nintendo has done and just focus hate on sony for kicking them out from the first place back in the day.

i understand because i use to be a nintendo fanboy before the Wii came. now disagree all you want...

Smacktard3739d ago


Animal Crossing is not "hardcore".

It's not difficult. There's no learning curve. There's no way to lose. How exactly is it hardcore? It's like saying playing Solitaire, and cheating so you can always win, no matter what, is hard.

ChickeyCantor3739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

Like the Definition of "hardcore" was always that.
Not even sure why i used the word in the first place since its full of fail.

Even you know the word " hardcore " is bend sh/tloads of time when it comes to what it exactly means.

If i were to define "hardcore" i would say someone who loves playing games long times.
If you spent loads of time behind animal crossing then in some way you are "hardcore".
Some games people call "hardcore" are easy.
how is that hardcore according to you?
And not all " core " games need a learning curve because they are obvious.

"nintendo has been always arrogant and that's why they loosed FFVII "
Not because they were arrogant, because Sony had a much cheaper and better solution for data storage.

I see no reason to be complaining about their mistakes, the reason i have a Wii is simply because i want to continue playing games they make because I enjoy them.
Screw what they did or who they are i want my freaking games.

As far as "bad" things go, they are a company not your best friend.
All 3 companies screwed their audience over. But people come back for GAMES.

About the "learning curve", if its for the casual people, even this game will need some learning curve now does is not?

I repeat i do not care for this game, but understanding who bought this on the GCN. I can understand why Nintendo says it's "hardcore"

BrotherNick3739d ago games are as hard as they used to be anymore...If you want hard games play NES and SNES or Genesis games.

Smacktard3739d ago

Mario Party was on the Gamecube too, therefore it's hardcore too! Great logic!

Animal Crossing was one of the few games my dad ever played. Animal Crossing and Wii Sports, and Wii Fit are the only games I can recall him playing recently.

About the learning curve in Animal Crossing: There is no learning curve. That's why casuals will eat it up. It doesn't get harder, it doesn't get more difficult. There's no learning curve. If anything it's a learning line.

Animal Crossing is just a good example of a good casual title. Like Boom Blox!

What are some "hardcore" games that are easy to learn, hard to master? Or just plain hard to master?

ChickeyCantor3739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

Mario party is straightforward meant for social gatherings.
While Animal crossing is more aimed at one player mode and can be extended by online mode(multi-player?).

What games? Seriously look at the library of today.
Just like brotherNick said games are getting easier with each generation.

Most games don't get "harder" either.
Seriously the word "hardcore" is a miserable pile of Sh/t. I seriously don't know why i used it.
btw i was not only talking about Animal crossing i was more pointing out that "casual" gamers need some stuff to learn before they can play.

seriously XD.

To ST below,
fair enough. Those games you mentioned, i could play them for hours.
But another would just pick it up and play for a couple of minutes.

Bubble Buddy3739d ago

It wasn't disappointing, it was effin boring. It was like listening to one of my teachers drone about some boring subject.

Smacktard3739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

I think we should just agree to disagree, because nobody can seem to agree what's casual and what's hardcore.

I still think that games with no real difficulty, or "party games", are casual (TP, SMG, Mario Kart, etc). But I guess some people don't see a difference. Whatever.

madjedi3739d ago

Thats a little late to finally react, i am not sure if the sherlock comment was directed at you, if it wasn't it was entirely reasonable and appriopriate.

About games being easier than nes/snes games, if it came playing games that way or the modern way, i'll take the modern way. A bad design choice should not be the reason a game is hard.

And since games now a days are so easy, here is a thought stop playing games on the default difficultly. After you beat it play it again on a higher/highest difficult setting, you would be surprised some games are challenging.

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g3nkie3739d ago

lol.... You took the exact words I was going to use...

g3nkie3739d ago

I hate to say it, but after seeing Nintendo's conference this year, I am almost embarrassed to say I own a Wii..

Wii60Fan3739d ago

Kinda sucks for multiplatform based games.

TheColbertinator3739d ago

I hope Miyamoto gets his company back to their golden days status again

mepsipax3739d ago

well, nintendo doesn't own miyamoto, miyamoto owns nintendo, the wii was his idea, wii sports, wii music, wii fit all his ideas, nintendogs his idea, lets face it people as miyamoto gets older his hobbies will keep getting lamer and lamer, miyamoto was an amazing producer but now, there is no hope, unless miyamote starts new hobbies like killing people, or traversing the universe than I don't think it will get any better.

BrotherNick3739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

Miyamoto should go to Afghanistan!

TheColbertinator3739d ago


Bubbles for both of you

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