Rocket League for Xbox One is Almost Ready

Rocket League for Xbox One is Almost Ready

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Neonridr3085d ago

Enjoy it Xbox One owners. Game is great.

Starcommand3085d ago

ive been watching my mates play it and i was truly jealous as it looked like a good yet addicting game so im excited to play it , just afraid of how much time i will invest

Gazondaily3085d ago

Not paying for it considering it was free on PS4. Unless its free on X1, I'm not interested.

Aloy-Boyfriend3085d ago

Stick with your PS4 version then.

Gazondaily3085d ago

Ye will do. Wish it had cross play with x1 though. That would be fun.

ritchi453085d ago

It was only free to Plus subscribers for one month. It's worth the money

UltraNova3084d ago

Its worth every god damn penny...I've been playing 2-3 matches every night after work for 6 months now, not a single day missed.

@xb1 owners: Buckle your seat belts Dorothy, cause Kansas is going bye bye!

MegaRay3084d ago

Sony paid them to make it free for PS+, MS will have to pay them for that to happened which I doubt (day one)

ritchi453085d ago

Shame there's no cross-platform play against pc and PS4 gamers.

SirBillyBones3084d ago

I know, it's extremely shitty on Microsofts part.

RiseofScorpio3084d ago

Does Sony want its users with Xbox users? Genuine question.

Lenrulesdaworld3084d ago

It's because MS wants to use live with pc crossplay on windows.

ScorpiusX3084d ago

How is that . either way u get a cross play .

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NJShadow260d ago

I would say "slow news day?", but that would be an understatement.

"This unwritten rule for Rocket League states that when two players’ cars get linked together, such as in a face-to-face or rear-to-rear arrangement, these two players must stay in this position until outside interference separates them."

That's literally it. That's the only "rule" that is mentioned in this article.

Gravity_DoGG260d ago

Thats "Rule 1" or as the OG's would call it "Rule 0" But its the most cringe shit ever. No one wants to lock cars if you are playing a competetive game. Players even get pissed and spam chat when you back out of it like you violated them or some shit.