25 Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About Street Fighter 2

This weekend marks the 25th anniversary of Street Fighter II, a video game that introduced memorable characters, ultra-cool combos and changed fighters forever.

To celebrate, here's a treasure trove of obscure Street Fighter II knowledge, packed with plenty of Hadoukens and the odd translation error.

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WilliamSheridan3038d ago

Some of these were actually pretty interesting. Fun little read on a historic game...

zalanis3038d ago

Best fact is still that kens hair is actually brown, but he dyes it blonde. Street fighter encyclopedia

nevin13038d ago

Wow 25 years? MK is that old too right?

Knushwood Butt3038d ago


You couldn't really damage the opponent once 'handcuffed'.

The only way to get out of it was to do the glitch throw, which did do some damage but was pretty hard to pull off.

Not onlt that but if you didn't get out of the handcuff state before the match timer ran out the entire game would crash, and unhappy arcade operator would have to reset it.


Street Fighter Documentary Fights its Way to Blu-Ray

Street Fighter documentary 'Here Comes a New Challenger' is now available for all, following a successful crowd funding campaign.


Street Fighter at 35: An Unrivalled Legacy

Celebrating its anniversary today, Street Fighter at 35 years old is just as important today as it was back in 1987.

HeliosHex656d ago

Jesus 35yrs! Now I feel old.

Sciurus_vulgaris656d ago

Street Fighters older than me. I still have some memories of playing Street Fighter on arcade machines up until the early 2000s.


Capcom Arcade Stadium: Street Fighter II is free on the PSN, eShop, and Xbox Live

The PlayStation Brahs:

"The Street Fighter 35th anniversary is nearly upon us, as Capcom looks to celebrate the fighting series that changed the genre completely. It appears they’re looking to give back to the fans who helped make it such a success over all these years. Starting today You can download Capcom Arcade Stadium: Street Fighter II for free!"

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FullmetalRoyale719d ago

No online functionality, unfortunately.

Bathory666719d ago

Aww darn. Oh well it’s fun to have.

autobotdan719d ago

I remember when Street Fighter 15th anniversary collection on original xbox was the very first ever online street fighter games. Those were good memories

masterfox719d ago

cool , thanks for the heads up

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