The 10 Hardest PS4 Platinum Trophies Out There So Far

Trophies are a great way to show your gaming prowess to your friends, but these 10 platinum trophies are the most difficult of the lot.

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Orejillz1966d ago

I got some work ahead of me.

skcej1966d ago

I think I could literally spend years playing Super Meat Boy and I'd still never get that platinum

ifistbrowni1964d ago

Replied to you so it remains at the top

1. Super Meat Boy
2. Surgeon Simulator
3. N++
4. ESO
5. SHadow Warrior
6. Evil Within
7. Star Wars Batlefront
8. Titan Souls
9. Street Fighter IV
10. Injustice

There you go. I'll save you from having to load ELEVEN!!!!! webpages.

Griever1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

I tried going after platinums when I bought my PS4 but I realized that games were starting to become a frustrating chore. I had to play 10s of hours if not 100s doing mind-numbing things to get trophies.

At one point I was trying to platinum FFXIV and then I found out that I wil have to complete 1,000 FATES and 1,000 Levequests and it would take me a minimum of 6 MONTHS to platinum that game if played the game for several hours on a daily basis. Similarly, I tried to platinum Metro Redux but the game started to become a frustrating chore as I had to replay the same sections multiple time.

Ever since then I have stopped worrying about trophies and play the game the way I want to. IMO it is much more fun that way.

DragonKnight1964d ago

@ifistbrowni: Not for long. Mods hammer down hard on people who do what you've done. Not allowed to spare people from supporting unwanted clickbait that way. Thanks while it lasts though.

Thom94341966d ago

I was hoping I'd have Plat'd at least one of these games...I have not.

Milkandcookies1966d ago

ESO, the completion it's nightmare

AntsPai1965d ago

Towerfall doesn't have a platinum, at least do a bit of research before making articles guys.

Solid_Penguin-641965d ago

Well then, that makes it pretty hard to get! lol

luckytrouble1965d ago

It looks like they edited out Towerfall. Reading it, I think they took a suggestion from one of the comments on the site and replaced it with The Evil Within.

madmonkey011965d ago

battlefront is at 0.1% platinum completion

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The story is too old to be commented.