DUST 514 shutting down on May 30th, new Eve shooter to be revealed April 21st

From GameWatcher: "DUST 514 was first announced back in 2009 for the PlayStation 3 as a first person shooter played in conjunction with the massively multiplayer space sim EVE Online, and its final build was launched in 2013. CCP has announced that DUST 514 will be shuttered on May 30th 2016, with a new FPS being developed to replace it."

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DMZ_P2058d ago

this should be interesting.

Findingcrybabies2058d ago (Edited 2058d ago )

wow. that's messed up. I don't play the game, but shutting it down and then a month after that showing your replacement game after you told the community screw you. LOL. Remind me to never support or play a CCP game. There are games that came out many years before this one and the devs keep the servers up for people.

samden2058d ago

It's on an old console and was nearly dead in the water when it launched. Not much of a community left to anger. Quite frankly, it sucked, and I'm excited to see what the next one will bring.

Tony-Red-Grave2058d ago

From launch to death Dust was only really ever a poor mans M.A.G. God I miss M.A.G and Valor.

Pongwater2058d ago

Dust 514 was free so I don't see your point, but I do find your name ironic.

@Tony - Yeah I still wish for MAG2, or even a PS4 remaster of MAG.

evergrace2058d ago

One of the worst shooter games on ps3.

ThunderPulse2058d ago

The controls were garbage.

noxeven2058d ago

I remember them saying it was supposed to contribute to eve and everyone was up in arms and that never happened and it just fell to the way side

Pongwater2058d ago

I'm not sure enough people ever played DUST 514 to say "everyone was up in arms", but there were in fact cross play battles between EVE and DUST.

It was a cool concept with some sizable flaws, but I'd be interested in a sequel that addressed some of those flaws. I thought I heard there was a PS4 version coming, but maybe that's my imagination.

tanukisuit2057d ago

It was definitely ambitious given the tech involved and how late into last gen we were. They tried though and cross gameplay is getting more relevant, so I think not all was lost...