An in-depth look at Wii U console/software figures (Q3 FY 2016)

An article that explorers the sales figures for Nintendo Wii U hardware and software for Q3 Financial Year 2016 (April - Dec 2015).

It covers software attach rate, Q3 hardware sales comparisons, amiibo sales performance (quarter-to-quarter) and more.

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Moonman2185d ago (Edited 2185d ago )

"Wii U software sales show a 9.86% increase compared to the previous year, with the average Wii U owner now having purchased approximately 6 games (6.29)"

Absolutely awesome. Nintendo should look at this and release even more software for Wii U in 2016 as well as 2017.

I am very confident that Wii U will eventually push the 20 million mark and overtake the Gamecube's sales by 2018. It's only 9.1 million away from December figures...and most likely only 8.5-8.7 million or something less than 9.1 million now. A price drop and Zelda Wii U being awesome will do all that is needed. Not saying they shouldn't want to sell more, just Wii U won't be known as their least selling home console. It doesn't deserve to be.

Global Amiibo Sales: 31 Million (good lawd)

addictedtochaos2183d ago

Nintendo reported updated figures a few days ago at the most recent investor briefing. The Wii U is at 12.6 million units sold.

Derpy2185d ago

Nice to see it picking up. While it might not be the best choice for single system gamers, for those of us who keep more than one system in their entertainment center, it's a wonderful secondary system.

RIPWiiU2185d ago

Scrap the amiibos and give us more games please.

deafdani2185d ago

Amiibos give them money that they can use to make games. Ever thought of that?

MSBAUSTX2184d ago

Yeah that's the way I see it too. Plus they work on two platforms. With how much money and popularity they are getting I am sure they will carry support to their next consoles as well. Meaning more money to have lots of software prepared for NX release. We still have Star Fox, Twighlight Princess HD, Pokken Tournemant, and LOZ Wii U coming out this year. There are a few third parties releasing like Mighty No 9, Terraria, and the Lego games. It is a slow year but that LOZ game is going to be a big one.

I think what we are seeing is that all the people that were holding out until the Wii U was worth it are now buying one. If they dropped the price now by fifty bucks on their bundles I think it would sell a ton more and open their market up for more amiibo and game buyers. They are geniuses at supplementing their income that's for sure.

FallenAngel19842185d ago

Seems like Wii U will be at around 17 million sold at the end of its lifecycle

eagle212185d ago

The end of it's cycle is November 2017 in Nintendo years....

Metallox2185d ago

No, the end it's its discontinuation from the market.

eagle212184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

Even more time to sell past the GameCube is what I meant. There is plenty of time to sell more than the 17 million he suggested.

FallenAngel19842185d ago

I mean by the time it will be discontinued. Nintendo hardly I nstantly discontinues a console immediately as soon as when its successor releases.

The 10th Rider2185d ago

People who think the nx is coming this year don't account for the fact that wii u sales have been picking up year after year. The longer they can ride it out, the better.

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