Zelda: 30 Years in 30 Days – 1998

I was ten years old back in 1998, and Nintendo released the Game Boy Color. There was already so much love for the Game Boy back in those days, but the Game Boy could only take the imagination so far. Limited to just four colors in varying shades of olive and black, games were still playable, but they had no real sense of visuals. When compared to games on the SNES, the games had to stand out on gameplay or else face the possibility of extinction. (Which I suppose was a good thing in many ways, but nevertheless). But the Game Boy Color was a ten year old’s dream. Now you could play in color… in the palm of your hand!

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Geobros1960d ago

A wonderful article for 2 of my favorite games: Ocarina and Links Awakening.

I stil remember myself playing Links Awakening on gameboy color without light screen. It was hard but the game was just amazing!

southnolan1960d ago

My favorite is The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

higgins781960d ago

My favourite Zelda - either WW or ALTTP (probably). Most unappreciated Zelda - SS. MY least favourite Zelda - while stilling being a very good game in its own right - TP. As a series of games - both console AND handheld - absolutely astonishing quality and variety.