Ark: Survival Evolved Dev Talks Frame Rate Issues, PS4 Version, Comparisons to Minecraft

"We talk with Studio Wildcard founder and creative director Jesse Rapczak about the successful dino game and where it's headed."

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Apollosupreme3064d ago

The article is dated December, 2015.

Go check out the Steam users comments. A lot has apparently happened and now I'm gonna wait on buying this...


ThunderPulse3064d ago

I didn't know it had gotten that bad.

IrishSt0ner3064d ago

Read those steam comments... by a vast majority, its people moaning about the tamed dino rebalance... sorry guys your tamed level 20 raptor doesn't insta kill wild level 120 rexes anymore.. it's frankly laughable that people are going crazy at the developers for fixing an ridiculous unintended bug (tamed dino skill levels disproportionately scaling to make them super powered).

Some legitimate problems that objective players mention are:

- New 'overpowered' apex predator (recently nerfed into oblivion and soon to be eclipsed by a huge non-agressive herbivore).

- Poor optimisation (stated a 1000 times the optimision phase comes at the end when content and features are in place)

- Server lag, most prevelant in PVE (huge number of tamed dinos and structures)... this lag is non-existant on good private servers, so the developers need to invest in better servers or rework how server batches are processed.. btw my PVP official server lag isn't bad at all, as you can kill 'junk' dinos and structures.

The truth from someone who owns the game on both PC and Xbox is the game runs better than it ever has, is more balanced than it ever has been, and has more to do than it ever has. As far as early access goes this is how it's done right...

Again, read the actual comments, they read... I've played 1000 hours and *insert problem here* so this game sucks... 1000 hours played and your telling people not to buy the game, REALLY?

Apollosupreme3064d ago

I don't think you're representing those comments accurately. From what I read on there here are the common themes:

- The most recent update implemented changes which many gamers hate. It is viewed as a move to benefit new, less invested gamers and is viewed as a penalty to those 1000 hour gamers you mention; aka. the game's community. They're angry because of what recently happened and not so much what happened over most of those thousand hours.
- The developer support has been called to question. Claims that suggestions are ignored. Claims the request for fixes are often ignore. Claims the posters offering up suggestions or concerns have in some cases been banned or their threads deleted or merged and no longer can be easily accessed.
- Poor frame rates have become more of a problem. Some stating that turning down the visuals doesn't really increase performance.
- Claims that the developer is making changes with the console community more in mind.

I don't own the game but I read those comments because through the unreasonably good or bad comments you tend to find a middle ground and that's where the truth tends to reside. In this extreme case it seems like there is an overwhelmingly large number of upset gamers in the Ark community about recent updates and how they've been treated.


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Abear212d ago

Isn’t this is how most PC users feel? That is why they have their head far up a motherboards socket, they fear the world and escape to 0’s and 1’s; thank god for nerds who fear outside or we wouldn’t have games /s

anast2d ago

Too much self-depreciation for too little humor.

Abear212d ago

Your lack of contribution to intelligent conversation is only outdone by your lack of effort with this comment

anast1d 11h ago

Maybe I will learn something from someone that saw fit to use "nerd" in their comment with a forward slash 's'... Seriously, I am not making this stuff up, it's actually happening.

Michiel19892d ago

the comment says more about you than pc gamers.

shinoff21832d ago

The biggest news should be him talking about wanting to make a more traditional jrpg. I'd love to see this, prefer it as well

Yui_Suzumiya2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

Yeah, something I can actually play. I do everything on Story mode essentially. Can't play any difficult games unfortunately. I always loved the aesthetic of From Software's games and wish they were a little more accessible.