Preparing your 20GB HD for PS3 Home

If you have the 20 GB version of the PS3, your hard drive is pretty near full, if it isn't full already. So decided to make this little "How To" post about how to get your PS3 ready for PS3 Home by deleting those unused files from your hard drive to free up space.

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Hydrolex3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

buy a good hard drive with a cheap price

For example, I know there is 120GB for $65.

$65 = A GAME, 1 Week GAS, 2 times Dinner in restaurant and ...

No Worries PS3 fans !

nomad1173711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

Could you be a pal and give me a website were I might buy some hardrives I own a 20GB and I only about have 5-3 GB left.

Jamie Foxx3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

i bought my 320g hardrive for £45 now im happy as a pig in sh!t

Mr_Bun3711d ago is a good place to look for cheap HDDs in the US

B-Rein3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

lol i bought a seagate 200 gb 2.5 serial ata one for £28 for my 60 gig ps3, not like the xbox 360 1 paying £70 for 20gb and only limited to first party ones. On ps3 you can buy any third party ones for very very cheap

titntin3711d ago

20 gig really is too small now that we have so many cool PSN titles and forced installs. Siren alone is 10 gig! :) Any with a 20gig should seriously consider upgrading to a larger drive.

I recommend '' for uk sales.

Though any 2.5" sata drive will do, stick with 5400 rpm as there very very little bennifit in speed when using a 7200 rpm drive, yet it uses more power, it louder and generates more heat.
If you need more of a recommendation, go 320 gig, as 500gig is the largest, and you always pay a premium for this, so they're expensive. 320gig is not very much more than a 160, so its a worth a small amount to more than double your capacity. Western Digital Scorpio drives are highly recommended - top reliablity, almost noiseless, and produce extrememly small amounts of heat in use. Its what I've been using and I've been very happy with it.

Another top tip - be extreemely careful removing the caddie mounting screws. The Factory has a tendancy to over tighten them. Using anything other than a perfect fit phillips head screw driver can result in you stripping threads! If you do, Sony customer service can send you a new caddie if you ask nicely, but you'll have a long wait!

aftrdark213711d ago

for my 20GB PS3 off Ebay for $55.

DJ3711d ago

2.5" SATA HDDs are the requirement. And they've got some great prices, like the 250GB drive for $120.

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thewho3711d ago

RTFM for information on how to upgrade your HDD.

Cartesian3D3711d ago

PS3 support third party 2.5" HDD, unlike 360..

so you can buy a 320GB HDD less than 120$(this price is from IRAN,I dont know the exact price for other regions) :P and use it as internal HDD for your PS3.

pp3711d ago

No thanks i don't want to install sh*tty home

DavidMacDougall3711d ago

Thats because the trolling xbots are Homeless Fool!

B-Rein3711d ago

surfman i think he is jelous

thereapersson3711d ago

You don't even have a PS3. Quit trying to fool everyone, because it's not working

thereapersson3711d ago

You know those "Adults Only" rooms that are rumored to be in HOME? In the unfortunate even that PP ever did gain access to HOME, Sony would have to scramble to make an "Infantile Children" room, and confine PP from ever leaving it.

ravinash3711d ago

Don't worry pp, its free.....but you really don't know what your missing.

AIi_The_Brit3710d ago

thats right, you want to play 5.5/10 too human instead

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Lumbo3711d ago

Step by step hdd upgrade with pictures :p

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