Misconception: Remakes Cause Delays in New Zelda Game Development

Zelda Informer: " "All these Zelda remakes are silly. They are causing delays of new Zelda games."

If you've been around the Zelda fan base often the last three years, chances are you've run across this comment on more than one occasion. The base idea behind it is rather simple: instead of working on new games, Nintendo continues to pump out remasters and remakes, delaying the release of new Zelda titles.

Again, as I warned at the start, some misconceptions don't have definitive answers. This would be one of those. However, there is plenty to say that refutes the entire ideology behind these claims."

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iplay1up21817d ago

The teams doing the remasters, and Zelda U are completely different. The team working on Zelda U is the largest Nintendo has EVER had working on any Nintendo game to date.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1816d ago

Eiji said many times that
Zelda Wind Waker HD played a big role in some form to Zelda Wii U when it come to the gamepad not only that the cel-shaded art style.

smashman981816d ago

Yea the Zelda team liked how the cel shaded aged compared to the more realistic approach

iplay1up21816d ago

No, I am not "wrong", what the hell does cell shade, have to do with what I said, or the gamepad for that matter? All that I stated was the team working on the remasters is not the same team working on Zelda U!

TP, Nintendo hired out a company to make it for them. Zelda U is being done in house by Nintendo.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1816d ago

I think you missed my point.
I am not talking about who developed it. I am talking about what the Zelda Wii U team borrowed from seeing the remakes by implementing elements into it.

Why do you think he talk about have Linkle in the game or future Zelda games or voice acting which Hyrule Warriors has or Link talking.

Because the recent remakes and spin-off has played a big role into making Zelda U.