Here's A PS3 Game, Emulated And Running On A PC

This is After Burner Climax, a PlayStation 3 game, running on a PC courtesy of the RPCS3 emulator. And running pretty damn well, all things considered.

DarkOcelet3083d ago

Its running at 40fps most of the time. This is so incredible.

It wont be long till the Emulator become optimized. But for now, this is an excellent job.

Griever3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

It will take a long time to optimize it man. They have been developing this emulator for the past FIVE YEARS and they finally managed to run a game that is not even graphically demanding. Furthermore, this is just a demo and the PC that was used to run this game had the following specs,

CPU – Intel Core i7 6700K @ 4.60 Ghz
RAM – 16 GB DDR4
OS – Windows 10 64bit

See the difference between those specs and the PS3's specs? Its a MONSTER rig! It will take a long time to optimize this emulator and get the bigger games running on our desktop computers. Believe me, I have followed the developments of ePSXe and PCSX2 for years and have also played games on them.

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DarkOcelet3081d ago

Yes, i know the specs. But keep in mind that Emulators are different from Console because when they run Console games, they are able to run them above with higher resolution upto 4k and 60fps to games like God Of War 3 or The Last Of Us which were only 1080p/30fps on PS3, not to mention features like AA, Smooth Filter, higher shadows and all that will be implemented in the Emulator so a Monster Rig would definitely be needed to perform such a task

It is worth the wait in my opinion especially for those who have the games and the Rig to run them.

Apollosupreme3081d ago

That's a really nice PC. Sorry guys, this one won't be ready for the bright lights for some time yet. Don't toss your PS3 away just yet.

kraenk123081d ago

That's simply the reason we will never see PS3 emulation on PS4. The Cell was too much of a beast.

abstractel3081d ago

This game is fairly taxing. The speed it runs at, and the PS3 was notorious for not being able to handle many opacity mapped particles. The terrain is streaming in incredibly fast. I would not underestimate this achievement. And personally, I wouldn't expect anything less than a 970 to run this. I have a 980, new cards are coming this year and I am sure we'll have good PS3 emulation by the end of the year.

Also on a side note, emulation is the reason we are able to enjoy so many classics. Of course you can still get a PS3 and games right now, but a few years down the road it won't be as easy.

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Hanuman3081d ago

Gameplay runs beautiful. Nice!

DragonKnight3081d ago

You won't be playing the real PS3 games on PC for AT LEAST another 5 years. That's being generous. Emulators always require way more resources than the source consoles and PS3 is the most difficult to program for console ever made so don't expect to be playing PS3 games with even the same quality as the PS3 itself on PC any time soon. Hell, PS2 emulation is still something that requires an enthusiast rig to play with any real stability.

Bladesfist3081d ago

TBH I didn't expect it would get this far. Pretty cool though, these guys are smart as hell.

DragonKnight3081d ago

Yeah seriously. We kept hearing it wouldn't be possible but these guys proved that wrong.

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After Burner Climax - The High Point of an Aging Series

After Burner Climax launched on home consoles and PC back in 2010, and we've seen very little of the series since.

darthv72370d ago

Fantastic game. I only wish it were bc for xb one. I keep my 360 hooked up specifically to play this and other delisted games like outrun and sega rally.

Yi-Long369d ago

If Sega is smart (they're not; We've established this a long long time ago, sadly), they'd release a nice collection for current-gen with the best versions of these old arcade-console classics, like Outrun, Crazy Taxi, Sega Rally, Virtua Tennis, Afterburner, etc etc, as well as some of their JP-only releases, like Initial D.

purple101368d ago

I'm with you.

I want project justice (rival schools in Europe).

I want powerstone both from capcom.

And of course every game you mentioned.

I specifically think sega rally is under utilised. It made people who didn't even like racing games have-a-go and I thought it was great back in the arcades and Dreamcast era. Crazy taxi I never laughed so hard before or since..it was pure gold on dreamcast also

gamerz370d ago

You may also like Chorus from Deep Silver if you like these type of games.

RaiderNation786d ago (Edited 786d ago )

Gunstar Heroes was made by Treasure. I'm not sure if that IP actually belongs to Sega. If it does, the ONLY modern day developer that I think would do that game justice is Housemarque. Maybe Sega could collaborate with Sony to let them make a modern day Gunstar Heroes. I definitely think Shinobi and Afterburner need modern day remakes though.

I feel like there are stronger Sega IP's than some of the ones that were listed such as...

Vector Man
Comix Zone
Virtual On
Ranger X
Jet Set Radio
Eternal Champions

sourOG786d ago

A new eternal champions would be sick

TimelessDbz786d ago

Phantasy star Online 1 and Phantasy star universe.

Mopes785d ago

Sadly I think that is unlikely because of Phantasy Star Online 2

FlavorLav01786d ago

Totally agreed. That’s a good start. Here’s a few more I think would covert well.

Virtua Fighter
Fighting Vipers
Sonic Adventure
Altered Beast
Shenmue (properly supported)

sourOG786d ago

Condemned criminal origins!

Snookies12786d ago

Amazing series, wish more people had known about it back in the day!

sourOG786d ago

Probably still my favorite horror game of all time. I’ve been into that kind of shit my whole life so I don’t scare easy but condemned got me. When you’re looking down a hallway and see people peaking out. The heart was kicking lmao.

I need to play it again. I played a year or 2 ago and it still held up. Graphics are obviously dated but just the premise. Like pulling pipes off of the wall and shit. You don’t see that anymore. I’d take the same game with a new can of paint, it still feels good. Multiplat remaster do it. I don’t think criminal origins ever came to PlayStation.

AnotherGamer786d ago

Shining Force, come on man.