RUMOR: Republic Commando sequel reveal at E3 2016 and release at November 2017

It looks like EA might make a Star Wars game that fans of a squad-based shooter from 2005 might like. If this leak is to be believed, EA is making a sequel to Star Wars: Republic Commando called Star Wars: Imperial Commando.

This comes from the Star Wars Leaks subreddit. A user going by the name Alpha_Cukie drops a wealth of information about the supposed Imperial Commando. Alpha_Cukie apparently gets his or her information from the fact that they are ” involved in the process of creating the ARG (Alternate Reality Game)” meant to accompany the announcement.

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DarkOcelet2303d ago

I can only imagine the amount of Microtransations and dlc this game will have.

I cant wait for the 50$ season pass reveal.

Paytaa2303d ago

And it will be called Republic Commando EA.

Pre-order bonuses and cut content is going to be hilarious to see play out.

I really want a KOTOR3 from Bioware but it'll probably end up terrible somehow because..EA.

DarkOcelet2303d ago

No man, KOTOR3 would be filled with Microtransactions to the core.

We are going to endure a long time of Mediocre Star Wars games with 50$ Season Pass and MT as long as EA is on the helm.

**** EA.

spicelicka2303d ago

lol knowing EA, the season pass is confirmed before the game itself is confirmed.

ServerBOT2303d ago

For some reason i imagine them making this game like Evolve, asymetry multiplayer with no story to speak of.

No faith in EA to deliver the goods for this game.

AnotherProGamer2303d ago

What reason is that when the rumor says it has 20+ hour campaign?

Eiyuuou2303d ago

EA's single player games could be worse.

Dragon Age turned out to be pretty alright.
It's the mulitplayer that we should fear...

PhucSeeker2302d ago (Edited 2302d ago )

I know i'm walking into a big trap here. But if the game meets all of my standards, i can easily shell out 100$ for it.

I have been waiting so long for this (and Jedi knight).

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Relientk772303d ago

I want more Star Wars games. Good games with content and single player campaigns (I.e. not Battlefront 2015)

annoyedgamer2303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )

I hope its fake. If it is real, expect a mysterious new female squad member and enough DLC to fill the deathstar.

I really hate Disney right now, first they sell the game license to EA, then they ruin the movie. What else can the possibly do to this once great franchise?

phoenixwing2303d ago

The movie was decent. They didn't ruin anything as far as the movie goes.

Glak182303d ago

Ruined the movie? I am assuming by your name that you're trying to be unique by saying the opposite of mainstream thinking thats cool. It's like you time warped back to the 90's to be another lame sheep.

Lucas is a genius for creating such a vast intriguing universe, but at the same time destroys everything he touches solely. New Hope was a masterpiece written and directed by Lucas. Empire and Jedi, Lucas had others help with writing and directing. The remastered versions, headed solely by Lucas, made the movies worse. Now on to the Prequel trilogy, in my mind don't exist, sucked horribly. The writing, the acting (except Natalie Portman), everything about them were trash. Sure they looked pretty with modern day CGI, but the movies were garbage and gave Star Wars a bad name. Why were they bad? Just look at the credits...Written and Directed by George Lucas.

Disney actually gave Star Wars hope, new hope. I personally would put Force Awaken just below Empire and New Hope. The story and acting were incredible and didn't have some lame joke every 30 seconds. The prequel trilogy was so riddled with lame jokes I thought Ryan Reynolds wrote them.

ninsigma2303d ago

The thing about the prequels is that they are really important to the time line and for me, that era is more exciting than the empire era (Actually the further you go back the more interesting it gets). So for me that makes it even more annoying how bad the prequels are. I loved them as a kid but since going through them again now it just makes me mad. Especially Anakin. The actor was one of the worst I've ever seen and he destroyed the character. Currently going through the clone wars series for the first time and Anakin is actually a really good and likeable character.

ninsigma2303d ago

The movie was awesome! And they're stream lining the Canon too. I'm happy with what they're doing. As for the games, I really like battlefront. Gameplay is great and it's a really fun game to jump on and play with friends. Not to mention it sounds incredible and looks gorgeous. Having said that I wish EA were not the only ones allowed to make sw games.

SteamPowered2302d ago

I imagine the New Female entry will be force attuned overnight and invincible. God knows female protagonists can't show weakness like us males.

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gantarat2303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )

if sequel is canon then first game event is canon too ?

ps. can we get star wars legends game that set Yuuzhan Vong War ?

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