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Too Human, an action RPG coming exclusively to the Xbox 360, is holding what could be the entire future of Silicon Knights in it's cybernetic hands. The game has been in development for way too long, making it's debut at the 1999 Electronic Entertainment Expo, over a decade ago. In the time between then and now Too Human has undergone a ton of changes, becoming an entirely new game and from what gamers have seen, it has a real chance to be a quality gaming experience on the 360.

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Bombibomb3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

I think we already know who's right and who's wrong about Too Human lol. 360 fanboy websites like this will obviously score it high but unbiased websites like GameSpy, GameSpot, IGN, and etc scored it low because Too Human is Too Mediocre.

1up - C-
IGN - 7.8
GameSpy - 2.5/5
Gameplayer - 7/10

UltimaEnder3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

That's so ridiculous to think that because it's a 360 site it has to be biased to a game like Too Human. For one I own every system that is available and play games across all genres.

The game Silicon Knights delivered just happened to appeal to me, after putting in over 20 hours with the title I realized that it is in fact a good game; but will not appeal to everyone thus the different scores.

Oh and is IGN's score really that low, I can't imagine what a game has to score with the critics to make it on your shelf?

donator3714d ago

Well, some sites did give Haze 8.0 + scores. It's all relative.

GametimeUK3714d ago

its a 360 site... GT will give this game 9.4 and make n4g go crazy

Panthers3714d ago

The only site I truly trust is IGN.

yesah3713d ago

lol only review ive seen, higher then a 8.

Bubble Buddy3713d ago

Watch, Xbox Kings will give this a 9+.

flash743713d ago

Not every 360 site is biased, teamxbox gave it a 6.5. They usually tell it like it is as far as game reveiws are concerned.

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UltimaEnder3714d ago

I actually really enjoyed the game, although not every reviewer is. It's easily one of my favorite titles of the year so far.....very close to a nine but just too many problems I could not overlook!

cwir3713d ago

Did you write that article?:)

btw: how is 1999 Electronic Entertainment Expo over a decade ago??

jkhan3714d ago

Its Too Human day today. Every second news is Too Human news. Kool.

InMyOpinion3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

I thought it was Official Troll Day. Too Human day sounds better =)

*edit* Not like in 'you are trolling'. Just that all the others seem to.

Syronicus3713d ago

What? Because folks here agree with the negative scores and not with the positive scores? Look, people around here on the other side of this debate were the same folks that bashed Lair and Haze so it's safe to say that what goes around comes around. Not everybody is going to like the game and when reviews are posted, it is natural to post your opinion of the game and review.

g3nkie3714d ago

Well, from the reviews, it seems that you just got to try it out for yourself and see if you like it. I didn't mind the demo, but I don't think its something worth throwing down $60 for. I will defintely be renting it though. ^_^

rosebowl233714d ago

wow i cant believe they would do this. so sad they cant admit this game is bad.

UltimaEnder3714d ago

How do you know it's bad? I guarantee you have not even spent 15 minutes with the game....I put over 20 hours into it so one would assume that my right to an opinion is valid. I have also been doing this a very long time and everyone knows reviews are just educated opinions, nothing more.

But until you can make a valid argument against a game that you have not played please restrict your worthless judgement on mine.

rosebowl233714d ago

C'mon man all the scores are like 4, 5, and 6. and This site practically gives it a 9? That's just a joke. That's like 4 or 5 points difference. Most sites gave MGS4 about a 9 so it's not a huge deal when PS3 hater sites like PlayTM and such gave it an 8 because it's only one or two points off, max. This site is off by around 4 points. And it's a 360 site so it's obvious why they did it.

thenickel3714d ago

I form my own opinions and don't need somebody to tell me what to buy. The demo to me was great and made this game a must buy.

beavis4play3713d ago

that's either dedication or obsession. whatever it is; go buy this game, cause you obviously enjoy it.

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