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ButtonMasher writes - Too Human is a game I liked as soon as I picked it up. I liked it for the same reasons that I liked Diablo. I played Diablo for many, many hours before I could convince myself to put it down. Unfortunately, I grew tired of Too Human much more quickly.

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rhood0223713d ago

While I've bashed this game my fair share, I hope it does well enough that SK can actually finish the story in either a sequel or sequels. Because, truthfully, the concept is very cool. SK just needs to find a genre that will make the series work.

Seeing as how the Legacy of Kain series evolved after the first Blood Omen, I know it can be done. But it would be a shame to waste such a potentially cool story.

As someone who played through Advent Rising (and liked it) I am still waiting to find out what ultimately happens. The same with Shenmue. But as far as these games go I fear I will never know because bad reviews and low sales killed these games. I just hope the cool story concept SK came up with in Too Human doesn't meet a similar fate.

thenickel3713d ago

I just don't get why people disagree with comments that are not meant to be offensive. I agree with what your saying and hope they finish the trilogy. Any idea whatever happened to chronicles of Riddick 2 Athena?

rhood0223713d ago

I don't know why I got disagrees. I have an idea though. But I stand by my statement.

To answer your question about Riddick. Well, the Riddick game was one of the handful of titles that Activision Blizzard decided to shelve, but they never specified what that meant. So I honestly don't know what happened to Riddick (as far as being canceled or just being put on hold).

It's a shame. The original game was really good for being a movie tie-in.

Isaac3713d ago

"Unfortunately, I grew tired of Too Human much more quickly. "

And why do they not give a score? There have been about 5 negative reviews that have not given any score. The "metascore" reflected is therefore too high. 7.2? More like 5.7.

Brianemone3713d ago

ButtonMasher don't give scores on reviews.

funkysolo3713d ago

I have never seen a game review, by so many websites nobody on has ever heard of. If you like the game buy it and play it, there is no need for you to convince the PS3 crowd. All this talk about flop this, flop that is pitiful. Too human looks okay, no system seller but a fun game to play co-op.

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