Sony Home To Include Adult Only Areas

The image of Playtation Home becomes more clear, with the news that the service will host over 18 areas where restricted trailers and possibly casinos will dwell.

With age restrictions included, Sony distance themselves from other less savoury services by declaring "So, it's clearly not Second Life."

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Rock Bottom3739d ago

If home had a 360 fans area.

UnSelf3739d ago

itll be pretty void of 360 users. Unlike the "Bash Sony fans" room

DJ3739d ago

I think it's a good idea. Everyone should feel at home in HOME.

Silellak3739d ago

If a single news article could get posted on N4G without someone trying to make it about the console war.

juuken3739d ago

If someone didn't take 1's comment so seriously.

GametimeUK3739d ago


Sorry but I love reading comments by all the fanboys on here... toughNAME is a personal fave of mine... It is pretty funny to see some of the cheap shots they take at just about anything not related to the brand they are loyal to... anyway I would never stoop that low...


Rock Bottom3739d ago

Sorry you feel that way, but my comment wasn't supposed to be taken seriously, and I don't see what does it has to do with console wars.

We're not allowed to say 360/PS3 now?

waltercross3739d ago

Actually, seeing the Console wars
is pretty entertaining, I Can read and
read for hours, no need for TV.:)

dantesparda3738d ago

Again, complaining about the PS3 fanboys. Now notice how often he complains about the 360 fanboys, Hmmmmmm.

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Expy3739d ago

So what if there are age-restricted areas. There are age-restricted areas in real life, and stuff like gambling and age-restricted material (movies, alcohol, "that stuff")... They HAVE to restrict access to those areas due to certain laws in regions around the world.

It's not a matter of "restricting content" but a matter of doing the lawful and ethical thing.

katana5233739d ago

so are we seeing just gambling in the Adult only areas or is there going to be bars, strip clubs and such that we can go to? lol

lodossrage3739d ago

Adult only areas!!!

Not that there are too many children on psn anyway. Most of the ps3 audience is around age 17 and up for the most part. But the idea of an Adult only area is great!

themyk3739d ago

i'm pretty sure the average ps3 owner is older than 17.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3739d ago

I agree with you because I won't want to be in Home with thousands of immature kids roaming around. This is why I like Home the avatars don’t look childish and the areas look realistic with a lot of ambition.

jtucker783739d ago

I tell you what would also be great (they might have already implemented this - I don't know)

Launching games from the adult area, so there are no under 18s. That would be good.
Although I've never had too much bother with PSN. Most of the online matches I've played in everyone has been a good sport.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3739d ago

Wouldn't it make more sense just to launch games form you apartment because only your friends can have access to it.

lodossrage3739d ago

It would needed make more sense to just launch from your own personal space rather than just simply the adult area. Don't get me wrong, launching from the adult area would be good for GIGANTIC games like MAG for example. But for the games that have a fewer number of players, launching from your own space is preferable

Homicide3739d ago

Let's have pixel orgies.

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LevDog3739d ago

Super good Idea.. I wonder if the casinos will use Real Money.. haha that could get dangerous for some people.. I like it

KillaManiac3739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

Illegal to online gamble in most USA this wont happen (NA wise).

Which I don't even wanna get into because it pisses me off too much.

We don't get to choose how to spend our earned money. Dumbest thing I can imagine (not really, but is really stupid).

The Lazy One3738d ago

ur only allowed to have an online gambling site if you have a special license (most don't), and even then only in some states. Then there's other more complicated rules on top of that. They are dumb tbh.

IntelligentAj3739d ago

Let's see how well they can apply this and the Home concept in total. I like the idea but I want to see how everything is going to gel together.