MotorStorm Dust Bowl Gameplay

Make your opponents cough up dust as you blaze a trail through the Dust Bowl.

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Blackmoses5244d ago

looks like its gonna turn out to be pretty nice...even after the whole cgi video and real time play debate.

I may have to change my opinion on whether or not this would hold my attention for very long after the first hour.

JIN KAZAMA5244d ago

think that this game will only be fun for a little while? This has everything a racer should ahve, but tons more. Its total CHAOS, its gonna be fun as hell ONLINE, each race will be different, and the graphics are amazing. This game is going to ROCK, period. If this was on the 360, all the 360 gyus would be jumping for joy!

DJ5244d ago

if they can really nail the online experience then this game is going to be legendary. Sony is going to have to advertise the hell out of this title once it's close to Stateside/European release. If the first Motorstorm looks this good, I can't wait to see what they do with the sequel.

CAPS LOCK5243d ago

this game looks really good and the physics and the A.I are great, but the guy playing the game cant drive properly.

no_more_heroes5243d ago (Edited 5243d ago )

is the demo of motorstorm in Target the old one? Because the framerate would chug when there was 6 cars on the screen at once (sometimes at random points along the track)and the textures looked absolutely horrible up close! I'm not to fond of the motion sensing thing either. Its not something I would use at all. If it is old then they better preload a new demo STAT because I want to like this game, but my first hands-on impression was not very good.

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