Games Abyss: MotorStorm Pacific Rift Preview

To the delight of gear heads all over and with all the beauty of a flaming three-car pileup, Motorstorm: Pacific Rift will soon grace the PS3.

The sequel to the highly anticipated and well received Motorstorm, Motorstorm: Pacific Rift, looks to take the fun, if overall admittedly simplistic, race and crash formula from the original game and add a few wrinkles to keep fans of the original happy and bring in the newbies. The game is only a few months away (potentially) but there is not an overwhelming amount of information about the game. To the contrary, developer Evolution Studios is remaining tight lipped about the bigger innovations to its titular entry in the racing franchise.

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Mao3713d ago

I swear, if this game gets delayed I'm gonna be pissed. Want this bad, October 7 better hold!!!!!

Rice3713d ago

Motorstorm vs Baja...discuss

RiseOfMonster3713d ago

If Motorstorm 2 was a PC game Baja is what it would look like on low settings.

Danja3713d ago

Nothing to discuss Motorstorm is way better hence atleast i know what to expect which is an awesome looking game with frantic gamplay....and sweet online play

Bombibomb3713d ago

Baja looks like a PS2 game to me.

arakouftaian3713d ago

n pure look good kind of like ms2 but i will only buy ms2 becuz i enjoy teh demo of the firt one n this MS2 is a must buy from anyone whit a ps3 n the money to spend on a game im also getting soccom n lbp n r2 this year n meybe other game meybe not . it depend but this 4 games r for sure my next buys!!!

god_o_war3713d ago

motorstorm>rally racers

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