Update on New Playlists for CoD 4

In the last post about this topic TheGamersCafe learned that adding playlists into a game is not an easy process. It's been a while since they have had an update on this but wait no longer, as fourzertwo updates TheGamersCafe yet again on the status of the playlist update.

Right now Infinity Ward is in the testing process...More after the jump.

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DA_SHREDDER3716d ago

I actually think that would be a really cool idea to give people an extra life or 2 because alot of people just get so lucky with them random grenades. It might also be chaotic though.. Guess we will have to wait and see.

poopface13715d ago

is a rip off of counter strike. Its the same exact thing. I like COD4 but I sold it, cause it got boring and I ddont wanna pay for live right now.

I kinda dont like Iw either now cause they never released the maps for free. Give people who buy it 6 months later the maps for free but screw over your loyal customers(maps shoulda been free by now). Too bad, the game just got stale, free maps woulda made me keep the game, and it would probaly have never gotten overtaken by halo 3 on the 'LIVE most played list'.

SixZeroFour3715d ago


just get cod4 for the ps3 if you dont want to pay for live (IF you have a ps3)

and i doubt that giving the maps for free would have kept ppl playing COD4 more...ive played the maps, and they arent that great

imho, ppl most likely left COD4 because they reached 55lvl 10th prestige and finished all the challenges then they were like, NOW WHAT SHOULD I DO...

i play COD4 with my friends every now and then, when they are on...but i prefer to play the BFBC DEMO cause i find it more entertaining

agentace3716d ago

there not new game modes there just tweaked old modes,COME ON BRING BACK CAPTURE THE FLAG!!!!!!!!!!!

Harryhit43715d ago

No, he means capture-the-flag-and-bring-it- back-to-your-base kind of capture the flag. One games that comes to mind is Resistance.

Jrome3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

OMG this is going to be SWEET, looks like COD4 WILL last me until socom :)...and resistance...and LBP.

Santyx3716d ago

Can't wait! Sudden Death Sabotage looks incredible! as do all the others

name3716d ago

What's the difference between no respawn sabotage and search and destroy?

Firewarrior7063716d ago

That in search and destroy only one team can have the bomb and in sabotage both teams fight for it.

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The story is too old to be commented.