NZGamer: Too Human Review

NZGamer writes: "Exclusive to Xbox 360, the action RPG Too Human has faced more than its fair share of trials and tribulations over the course of its development.

Playing the part of a Norse God, Baldur, players are able to select the class of their character (in true RPG style) from a selection of specializations: the tank, the melee damage guy, the ranged damage guy, and the healer. Once this basic selection is done, the player is thrust into the campaign with an introduction to the game world and a few key characters by way of a cinematic. It's here that one of the most glaring problems with the game will, unfortunately, be presented to the gamer - the cinematics."

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Chandresh Patel5280d ago

The game seems to be receiving an Overall score of Average among multiple sites.

StephanieBBB5280d ago

alittle above average. Between 5-6 is the average number.

7 is more like.... good?

5280d ago
Syronicus5280d ago

Then again, reviews are opinions these days and not objective as they should be. Like I said before, some will like the game and some won't. Rental at best.

user94220775280d ago

wow, some good reviews out for this game.

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