DiRT Rally targeting 1080p/60fps on both PS4 & Xbox One | VideoGamer

Codemasters is targeting 1080p/60fps for both the PS4 and Xbox One versions of DiRT Rally, chief game designer Paul Coleman has told VideoGamer.

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MRMagoo1233065d ago

Yeh targeting means not much these days from what I have seen.

nowitzki20043065d ago

I am targeting a million dollars this year.

parkesy783065d ago

I know if its anything like witcher 3 on xbox one targetting will mean 1080p in title screen and cutscenes thats all 900p everything else ,marketing buĺshit just to claim 1080p

ThePresentIsAgift3065d ago

Excellent news, I believe the game has been well received on pc and certainly piqued my interest.

Credit due to Codemasters for continuing to evolve and refine their Grid and Dirt series' I always missed the classic play style of CMR and CMR 2.0. Amazing for PS1 in its day.

nowitzki20043065d ago

Easily my favorite Dirt game and maybe racing game of all time. Its such a rush trying to go as fast as you can through the tracks, and the tracks are really great.

Def. get this game as soon as you can.

ThePresentIsAgift3065d ago

There's an excellent trailer for the upcoming console release on Eurogamer, YouTube and various other sites. I meant to link it but have nightmares using my mobile for anything other than basic posts. My bad. Apologies in advance!

parkesy783065d ago

By targeting it means ps4 version is 1080p and xbox one is 900p upto 1080p confirmed on eurogamer

3065d ago
butchertroll3065d ago

"The key thing we wanted to do is achieve 60fps on both platforms," Dirt Rally's director Paul Coleman told Eurogamer. "We'll achieve that on PS4 at 1080p, and on Xbox One we're going to look to dynamically switch between 900p and 1080p, depending on how intensive the conditions are. I don't want to blanket say that Xbox One is 900 - we're trying to refine this, and there's a few more optimisations we can do along the way. The key thing is getting that 60 frames - a simulation like Dirt Rally works best when that frame-rate is consistent and steady."



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