TeamXbox: Burnout Paradise "Bikes" Expansion Hands-On Preview

TeamXbox writes: "There's a growing trend for publishers and developers to do more than release a game and move on to the next title they're working on. When you look at something like Rock Band and its weekly updates of new songs that you can download, there's definitely added value (though you do have to pay extra for the content). And there are games ranging from popular shooters down to Xbox Live Arcade titles that are using Xbox Live Marketplace to add new elements such as maps, golf courses and other expansions, both for a price or for free. Battlefield: Bad Company is a good example, with its recent gratis addition of Conquest Mode.

One team that's looking to keep the new content flowing is the pairing of Electronic Arts and developer Criterion, which are looking to offer a "Year of Paradise" by adding many new features and elements to Burnout Paradise. In between this month's "Cagney" update and whenever the new island is opened up (which an EA rep promised to me was still in the works), the "Bikes Pack" is due to hit the game. It's due out shortly, and, best of all, is being planned as another no-cost update."

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