Alone in the Dark may debut with budget price

PS3 Fanboy writes: "The long-delayed PS3 version of Alone in the Dark looks to be coming with enhancements ... and a price cut? A Gamestop listing shows Atari's survival horror game with a very nice price of $30. Of course, considering the overwhelmingly negative critical reviews it received when it debuted on Xbox 360, a lower price may still not justify a purchase."

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Danja3713d ago

still wont be picking up this sure it still sucks

Chandresh Patel3713d ago

It's just so buggy it's almost ridiculous y'know!

Cyrus3653713d ago

They'd have to make a huge turn around in order for it to get a decent/good review.

Chandresh Patel3713d ago

Because they spent all their money advertising this game during the Colbert Show breaks that they couldn't be bothered to spend even half of that money to fix some of the most basic stuff.

SpecialSauce3713d ago

this game had real potential. the gamplay was very bad and the cameras gave me a headache.

marinelife93713d ago

They should release it on PSN as a downloadable game.

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Chandresh Patel3713d ago

Because I got sick and tired of being swallowed up by 'the darkness' due to the messy Controls of the game

jay23713d ago

It needs a 3 year remake.

csta3713d ago

just wait for silent hill 5 :D

jkhan3713d ago

They need to do a lot of stuff. I doubt they will include some substantial addons to this game when it arrives on PS3. Lets hope they atleast fix the bugs.

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