MCV Interview: Corre de force - Alain Corre Executive Director at Ubisoft

MCV writes: "With multimedia ambitions for Tom Clancy, chatter about potential mergers and heaps of studio acquisitions, Ubisoft has rarely been out of the headlines in the last year. Here, Alain Corre explains the company's bold strategy to Tim Ingham…

Q: Why does Ubisoft seem to enjoy such creative freedom compared to other publishers?

A: I can't speak for our competitors, but clearly our success at Ubisoft has been built on creativity, trying to bring something new and fresh all the time and taking risks.

Assassin's Creed was a big risk for us – a risk in terms of its environment and the freedom of its gameplay. It's the same for End War. Our strength today is in our ability to create brands and to grow them. This is Ubisoft all over. It's in our DNA."

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