PSP2 to sport 60GB Samsung hard drive?

Hard to imagine, but it's been over two years since Sony unleashed the PSP (at least in Japan), so it stands to reason that we're due for a little upgrade, right? Well, it's difficult to tell precisely what's going on due to the machine translation, but Samsung introduced its new N-Series line of 1.8-inch hard drives today and there's some indication that a 60GB version of the drive may end up in a future PSP...

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Scrumptious5247d ago

they will replace the UMD drive with a hard drive, but 60 gb is going to be too expensive to include. If they do remove the UMD drive, how will you play your old games?

BIadestarX5247d ago

I don't think this is going to happen, Sony is making too much money of memory sticks with their own and with royalties from 3rd party memory sticks manufacturers. The replacement of UMD is unlikely since Sony still wants to push UMD and by removing it from the PSP (probably the only device using it) UMD would simply disapear.

nice_cuppa5247d ago

what was that ninty ... GBA 2 you say cool....
what was you talkin bout sony guy.... sorry got to go over there for a minute,,,...


MicroGamer5246d ago

You still need some sort of mechanism for inserting physical media into the unit, though. A hard drive can never replace a removable media drive unless they plan to make the next PSP with downloadable content only, which would not be a good move.

dissectionalrr5245d ago

i wonder if it will "sport" any half decent games this time...

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