American Truck Simulator Review- PC Gamer

Like its predecessor, Euro Truck Simulator, it’s a game that is mysteriously compelling despite its mundane subject matter. It’s a fundamentally good game, with weighty, nuanced handling, a deep simulation, and higher production values than most sims. This results in something both very playable and oddly hypnotic. Driving from place to place, obeying the traffic laws, watching the scenery roll by, listening to the radio... it’s incredibly relaxing.

There are two main ways to play. One is working as a freelance gun for hire, taking on delivery jobs where your truck and fuel expenses are provided by your employer. This is the easiest, most accessible way to play, and as you level up you can spend XP to unlock more lucrative jobs including longer hauls and fragile or dangerous cargo. These earn you money that can be spent unlocking the other side of the game: running your own business.

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PixelGateUk1081d ago

But will i feel my butt grow like a true trucker?

Diffraction_Fos1081d ago

No idea. But be sure to check out the first free DLC - Beer Gut Pack.

1081d ago
Iceball20001081d ago

I'm actually excited for this game!