'Night Terrors' Transforms Your Home Into a Hellish BnB

I didn’t need a reason to fear my phone, I already get plenty anxious every time it makes a noise. When it rings, I cautiously pick it up like I’m in a horror movie and I’ve just found something curious on the floor of the serial killer’s cabin.

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DarkOcelet1079d ago

I love the idea but considering how small a phone is, i doubt it will be that scary.

Now if this goes to AR device like Hololens then this game might actually be pretty scary.

maniacmayhem1079d ago

Hmmmm, wasn't to crazy about the little girl scenes. Either she's a great actor or she was genuinely terrified.

Either way this is why I see AR becoming more of a bigger deal than VR in the future.

ninsigma1079d ago

This is a good app for AR but you can't play games like no man's sky with an AR solution. The immersion would be broken by the real world. We'll need both to provide different experiences for different games. Or better yet, a hybrid that has two visors, one for VR and one for AR.

Bobafret1079d ago

Yeah, the little girl crosses the line a bit. There is quite enough real terror in the world for kids without this garbage.