Sam Lake: Max Payne 3 Would Have Been Very Different if Made by Remedy, but that’s a Good Thing

Max Payne 3 wasn’t developed by Remedy Entertainment, but by Rockstar, and Sam Lake, who wrote the first two games, was asked to comment on his involvment in the creation of the game during a lecture held today at the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie in Paris, which DualShockers attended.

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DarkOcelet1082d ago

Max Payne 3 had some great moments but it lost the charm of what a Max Payne game should be like.

Also those nauseating visual effects were extremely bad, who the hell thought it was a good idea to put that in?

Genova841082d ago

The New York levels felt right. I never understood the Panamanian setting though. Very fun game, but not as good as 1 or 2.

jb2271082d ago

I think it was going for that fish out of water vibe. We always see Max in a snowy cold NYC setting which is where he is comfortable as the pessimistic curmudgeon noir caricature he was created to be, but putting him in Sunny Brazil just helped to illustrate how out of his depth he was the entire game. I thought it was a pretty inspired idea really.

jb2271082d ago

I dug it pretty well. If you play it as a new ip as opposed to a Max Payne game it is one of the better games from last gen.

Beyond all of that though the soundtrack & scoring work by HEALTH was easily one of the best audio experiences from last gen, and one of the more unique ever in gaming...the way the music dynamically scaled to the action was great & that song towards the end in the airport absolutely made that scene memorable for me.

DarkOcelet1082d ago

It was a great game but it just wasn't Max Payne game.

Like you said, its best treated as a new IP.

But whoever thought those 'Visual Effects' were good should be fired.

It ruined the game for me.

jb2271082d ago


What visual effects are you referring to? I thought the bullet time was well done & that the game looked pretty great. Are you talking about the stylized text & weird flashes & stuff that popped up? That was a little odd, it was definitely a rip on Man on Fire & the other Tony Scott movies from that era like rynodigital pointed out. I agree that could be a little off putting. It didn't ruin the game for me but I could see how it would be strange. I think they were trying to illustrate the disorientation that stems from Max being an alcoholic painkiller addict, and they might have illustrated that too well because the effect could be as literally disorienting as it was meant to be metaphorically disorienting haha. I'd love to see Rockstar try another one w/ maybe a different method though, I see what you are saying about it being weird. It was unique in the gaming space at least though so I commend them for at least trying something new.

DarkOcelet1082d ago

Yes, i am talking about stylized text & weird flashes & stuff that popped up.

It seriously killed the game for me and there was no way to close those effects.

Kyosuke_Sanada1082d ago (Edited 1082d ago )

Wholeheartedly agree Dark, like I said before Max in this installment felt like he was trying way too hard to be edgy instead of a broken man ( I would compare Max Payne 1 and 2 to Jacob's Ladder with the third feeling more like Die Hard). The borderline horror elements due to trauma and drugs are all but gone with barely mention anything of Mona (which was a huge part of his life yet written off like a one-night stand.) This pretty much threw away all of the character development he had in the last two games in order to make an action heavy Bryan Cranston.

Then the antagonist was your standard Mr.Bucks A Plenty compared to Vincent who when looked under a magnifying glass had great depth due to their contrast him and Max had even down to their choices of attire.

The gunplay however was incredible, I am glad to see a game that handles two weapons realistically instead of the "magnet back" that was always a pet peeve of mind. The writing was great as well (even though it was less poetic) but the story direction made it feel a bit limp due to the whole mercenary angle (something that has been abused already way too much this generation.) kinda like putting a Ferrari engine in a Volkswagen.

My dream is to have Remedy on story writing and art direction with the gameplay of the third installment.

P.S The music in Max Payne 2 felt much more sinister in 2 which is why I still consider it my favourite. However, more props to Rockstar for having James McCaffrey reprise his role.

-Foxtrot1081d ago (Edited 1081d ago )

Why the disagrees...I mean seriously did people actually play the past Max Payne games or are they white knighting Rockstar out of how respected they are

They made great game guys but it was a shit Max Payne game

Remedy in the future need to do a Max Payne game and ignore Rockstars. Make a proper Max Payne 3...give it a subtitle like the second game so gamers know it's a real continuation .

Only good part about the game was the flashback levels. I just don't see why Max ran away when the story in the game could have been about Max trying to take down the mob who are trying to kill him...the police don't get involved with how powerful this mob is and Max is left to fend for himself. Add Mona (she's alive) and you'd have a great Max Payne game.

Only great thing Rockstar did better was the graphics, movement and the like...things which would have been natural evolutions regardless who made the game.

Seriously Remedy PLEASE....make Max Payne 3: The Rise of Max Payne.

No noire theme
No winter setting
No urban city setting
No graphic novel cutscenes
No Mona
No good story
Max's character development (took a step back)
The music (good main song on it's own but didn't fit MP)

How can people praise a sequel which has had everything which made past games good sucked out of it...Max Payne 3 ended up being a generic, action shooter game.

Saddens me how people here make out it was a good Max Payne game. Seriously guys play the others and you'll see this is a black sheep

DarkOcelet1081d ago

I guess people here dont care about Max Payne 1/2 anymore which is a shame because its one of the best games i have ever played accompanied with a story.

I didn't like the new take that R* did. It was a great game but it was not a Max Payne game at all.

-Foxtrot1081d ago (Edited 1081d ago )

I agree

This whole "it's still a great game" excuse always seem to ignore the flaws of the game. If someone said it was a shit game in general fair enough but somehow people think because it was a good game it's automatically a good (insert franchise) game.

People need to start taking into account the franchise and what it's supposed to represent. If installments don't feel like a game in that franchise then don't just judge it off graphics, gameplay need to get in there and judge if the soul of the franchise is there.

Max Payne, Tomb Raider reboot, dmc, MGSV got good reviews but the soul of the franchise just are not there. Again good games but not good (franchise name) games.

It's like if people don't care and just want a good game ask for a new bloody IP.

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rynodigital1082d ago

It felt like Tony Scott directed it, not saying the similarities to Man on Fire weren't welcome, loved that movie.

jb2271082d ago

Oh yeah, they definitely watched some 2000s Tony Scott flicks in the studio....washed those down w/ some Michael Mann stuff.

rynodigital1081d ago

Sounds like my kinda party!

coolbeans1082d ago

As much as I like some of Tony Scott's other work, Man on Fire was quite disappointing. The stupid text-on-screen and visual flair just felt so forced for such a skilled director.

Eldyraen1082d ago

It was a fantastic tps but didn't feel much like Max to me. Still, I couldn't hold it against it much.

Shadonic1082d ago

I would enjoy another max payne or a remake of 1 and 2 using the max payne 3 engine.

Genova841082d ago

A reboot would be incredible! My favorite part about 1 was the comic book story telling scenes. If they did reboot, I'd hope they'd keep that aspect of it the same.

DJustinUNCHAIND1082d ago

Best action game of last gen.

The gunplay was incredible.

mafiahajeri1082d ago

Haha my sentiments exactly the gun play was so damn good, better then GTA V funny enough.

SlightlyRetarted1081d ago

IMO Max Payne 3 and Vanquish were the best pure TPS shooters of last gen. If someone has not played MP3 yet, i highly recommend playing it on PC. It's friggin hilarious when you have pinpoint accuracy and do slo-mo jumps while nailing 5 guys to the head with 5 bullets. So much fun.

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