GamePlayer Too Human Review

Gameplayer has gone live with their extensive review of beleagured Xbox 360 exclusive RPG Too Human, suggesting that the game is not as bad as early previews suggested.

"It's like Diablo in space, only with a better story - a real looter's paradise."

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dro3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

"its not the next haze after all" i dont mean to start a flame war but i blive 7/10 is a bad score for a game,and if a game gets a bad score its gonna suck,just admit it....too human has joined games like haze,lair,turning point fall of man...e.t.c in the crap games list made this gen so far (-_-)

chaosatom3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

haze or not, it doesn't matter, it's not a 3A title that they are "USED to having"

Mao3711d ago

What "unbiased" source can honestly come out and do that. Seriously, if the media wasn't so pro-360 you'd never see this. Yes Haze flopped, horribly. But as a credible source, you shouldn't make comparisons like this. It comes across as damage control and makes you look biased. Stupid, stupid, stupid!

If Too Human is worth the 7/10, just say "it isn't bad afterall." Saying it like the way they did only sparks flamewars.

Also, 7/10 for Too Human isn't so good. Why are gameplayer trying to justify that's a respectable score? Don't get the way the media leans towards the 360 sometimes. Comes across the wrong way.

La Chance3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

Oh ! so now you admit 360 gamers are used to getting too many good games ?!

7/10 is a good score.

You are trying so hard to spin this and your denial is so obvious its almost hilaruous.

Geez , rather than showing so much denial and spin better just not post anything.

Who are you trying convince ? Yourself ? lol.

Anyway , Im out.Good night everyone.

SlappingOysters3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

The title is in relation to this article that the site previously wrote comparing Too Human to Haze


LossTheEarthbreaker3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

The game is a solid rental. You guys need to stop hoping other console's exclusives are bad to make your purchases more justified.

Good games are better for everyone, especially if you own all the consoles or have friends who own the ones you don't, etc.

sonarus3711d ago

I dunno, from where i'm from a 7/10 is a C...average but if you are happy with a C then cool. I have no interest in the game so ppl interested should be happy

El_Colombiano3711d ago

Wow the damage control is crazy with this game! It wont help.

Alpha_Gamer3711d ago

"quality is on the decline."
Base it off of one game? I GUARANTEE Fable 2 will have you eating those words.

juuken3711d ago

"What "unbiased" source can honestly come out and do that. Seriously, if the media wasn't so pro-360 you'd never see this. Yes Haze flopped, horribly. But as a credible source, you shouldn't make comparisons like this. It comes across as damage control and makes you look biased. Stupid, stupid, stupid!"

I agree with that statement. Haze is dead and buried. Stop bringing up the past and kindly move on. There's no need to beat on Haze like that. It wasn't a 'Halo-Killer', and it wasn't perfect.

Let it go.

Aclay3711d ago

In my opinion any game under a 7.0/10 is bad, and a 7.0/10 is average, but I think that 7.0/10 is a pretty low score for any Exclusive game though. To be honest I really don't think that Microsoft even expected much from the game at all because I don't really remember hearing anything about the game during E3 or during Microsoft's press conference at E3.

Megatron083711d ago

Madden is regard as one of the worst yearly games in the video game business yet every year this game scores 8's and 9's and it sells millions every year. MGS4 could be one of the worst games of all time yet look at the scores it got. So reviews are not everything

Something like 10 million people play wow all trying to get that next great piece of loot so there are obviously a ton of people out that that enjoy looted based games

mikeslemonade3711d ago

Haze was not a 10 year project. Therefore Too Human is a bigger fail and it had plans to make a trilogy.

INehalemEXI3711d ago

If they use there own engine for the next Too Human maybe it will be something greater then this first one which has been clouded with misfortunes, ie. the problems with epic and UE3.

KZ was good yet KZ2 looks Amazing. If they put in work TH2 could end up very good. I eventually will get Too Human. Just not right away it seems. I have yet to get Lair yet I will eventually get that too.

The holiday season is so full of win and early 09 as well I may wait months before I pick up any bargain bin titles.

Statix3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

7/10, translating to 70%, isn't a "bad" score, it's an average to mildly positive score. I hate it when people don't get the scales of game reviews, and just blindly expect everything to get 9+, or else it's TEH PHAILZ.

Montrealien3711d ago

Still getting this tomorrow.

dantesparda3710d ago (Edited 3710d ago )

but this game sucks! I did not like it, and do not need some game site telling me how good it is, that's what they think, and i dont care what they think, i only care what i think of it. The game is basically a button masher and repetitive. Only instead of using the buttons to do the sword attacks it uses the right analog stick and that's it "new" thing. Stupid! very stupid, so its basically a "analog stick masher" (that's copyrighted folks, lol). The camera is horrible, and it doesnt even look good and has bad framerate problems. Very poor game in my opinion.

As for the "stoping hoping 360 games are bad" people. Its just pay back from the Sony fanboys, cuz youse where doing it to them first, way back since 2006 and payback's a b!tch. Deal with it. and if you cant take it, then dont dish it. People should just realize that any game can easily go bad, on either system, PERIOD!!! Halo 4 is NOT gauranteed to be good. Nothing is, especially new IPs.

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IAmFlop3711d ago

a 7 out of 10 wow what a flop hideo kojima and metal gear solid 4 run laps around this flop

IzKyD13313711d ago

they run laps around this?
try they run millions of miles around this

Evil Rant Monkey3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

I'm amazed at what some people do with their time.

you are a flop

here, I bought you a shirt

Montrealien3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

Here, I bought you a flow chart for idiots that create accounts to troll....

you don't even have the balls to show who you are because you know that deep down this trolling is the only thing you got in your sad little life.

syanara3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

weve seen that flow chart and frankly none of us care lol

and whats this too human not the 360's haze I mean haze got some GOOD reviews too but one good review won't bring this game out of the water which this review isnt even that good i think reviewrs are starting to search for the good things of too human now lol

Montrealien3710d ago (Edited 3710d ago )

syanara said...

(weve seen that flow chart and frankly none of us care lol)

lol, and since when are you the embassador of (weve)? :P

foodbox3710d ago


Currently at Metacritic;

Haze 5.5/10
Too Human 6.5/10

You == Fail.

syanara3710d ago

well do you see anybody replying to your comment other than me? no so I rest my case and since when are you the ambassador of what a fanboy is? what makes that chart so correct anyways thats why nobody seems to care lol there have been so many things about what a fanboy is or isnt that it doesn't matter anymore flow charts and diagrams of fanboys are poor attempts of people trying to say they are not a fanboy when they really are

syanara3710d ago

haze got some good reviews SEE I rest my case I mean both HAZE and Too HUman both suck and were both mayjorly over hyped never the less it doesnt matter how BAD a game did

Montrealien3710d ago (Edited 3710d ago )


I can only think of one thing to say....

"I have no desire to make mysteries, but it is impossible at the moment of action to enter into long and complex explanations."

And ask you a question, do you support what Iamflop is doing? My comment was directed at him and it does not take a major in fanboyism to know what he is.

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supergamer3711d ago

not a good time it just got a 5.5 from gamespot, a lower score than haze!

Rock Bottom3711d ago

And still he only gave it 7?

The guy must hate Diablo.

LossTheEarthbreaker3711d ago

No, Diablo is just kinda dated now. Too Human doesn't do much with the genre, but it's still a quality game with a good story.

INehalemEXI3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

Diablo gameplay is legendary. Too Human gameplay (according to demo) Is Death by Degrees (an Off shoot of Tekken w/Nina Williams)Ps2.

Right analog to attack in 360 direction. I played diablo on pc though so maybe im tripping.

LossTheEarthbreaker3711d ago

I didn't mean the method of input, just the style of the gameplay.

And I rather like the right stick method of control, as I did in Fight Night Round 3.

INehalemEXI3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

I think the way its done (right analog attack) is pretty cheesy and shallow. It really leaves no room for finesse, nothing to master, way to easy....

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red_ring_of_death3711d ago

wow It's not the X360's Haze after all
there right
its worst then haze