GameSpot: New International Track & Field Review

GameSpot writes: "The formula that most track-and-field games follow was established in the early '80s with Track and Field. The majority of events demanded that players slam alternately on two buttons as fast as they possibly could, a controller-breaking maneuver that has carried over to just about every virtual sprint competition since then. Konami's latest spin on the series, New International Track and Field, adds in online play, a wide array of events, and big-headed characters from Konami's far-reaching past. However, the controls are largely unchanged. Although it's still utterly frantic and exhausting to try to keep up with your competitors, the tight controls and wealth of unlockables make this a solid game."

The Good:
+Eight classic Konami characters to unlock
+Good multiplayer, both online and off
+24 different events with their own strategies
+Touch screen or standard control options

The Bad:
-High learning curve
-Uneven difficulty
-The game's stylus controls can scratch your DS

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