Have Telltale’s Episodic Games Lost their Novelty?

Tanner says, "Episodic content for video games is nothing new; even before we all learned who Telltale Games was in 2012, after their announcement of The Walking Dead, it was a thing. Heck, Telltale did it regularly before they became more widely known. But now three years later, this is all Telltale does; and they just keep pumping them out, two, three times a year. Frankly, I personally find it all annoying. Announcements of their next gigantic franchise they acquired rights to that they’re going to make a game for. And each game is, essentially the same thing in terms of game play. Every single one. Now, I’ve enjoyed both seasons of The Walking Dead, and The Wolf Among Us; their stories were great but, they’re all really the same game as the last one."

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Jackhass2559d ago

Unfortunately, they kind of have -- they've proven they can tell stories, but I feel like they need to take it to the next level gameplay-wise.

Barnaby-Jones2559d ago

I personally still love their games and eagerly await the next. I can understand people becoming tired of these types of games but there are only a few episodic games that come out each year. I don't see why Telltale would have to make an adventure game or puzzle game when we already get several of those.

Kalebninja2559d ago

you're looking at them the wrong way, they play the same but they are by no means the same game.

GusBricker2559d ago

Their game engine is the problem, it runs like crap.

Ozmoses2559d ago

I think each is different in their own right.

I do think a smoother engine is needed. Some of the episodes can be really scratchy.. like stop and play especially in the build up sequences and loading from chapter to chapter.

But I don't think the style or storytelling aspect is dying out at all. I mean Tales of Borderlands is one of the best ones yet and I also really liked the Game of Thrones season.

I mean just like any other game or developer they definitely are relying on a "tried and true" formula. I mean the saying goes "if it ain't broke, then don't fix it"

But at the same time they need to be like other games and developers and constantly strive for evolution and new heights.

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