GameSpot: Madden NFL 09 All-Play Review

GameSpot writes: "Madden NFL 09: All-Play for the Wii is for the person who thinks "Bump and Run" is an R. Kelly song. It's for your girlfriend who thinks the tight end is the player that looks best in his uniform pants. It's for the kid who thinks it's odd that John Madden has a game named after him because he knows him only as the old guy from the commercials where the dude's foot catches on fire. These are the sort of folks who will appreciate the new Five-on-Five mode, user-friendly play calling, and simplified controls. If you're the kind of person who grew up on football, Madden 09 for the Wii isn't really for you. Sure, there are Franchise and Superstar modes, as well as online play, but they're pretty much the same things you've been playing for years."

The Good:
+Designing new plays at the line is useful and fun
+Simplified play calling and controls
+Online play works well
+Solid, time-tested gameplay

The Bad:
-Playing Five-on-Five has limited appeal
-Superstar, Franchise, and Party modes have received almost no attention
-Too much old, recycled content
-"Celebrating" after a TD mostly involves waving your arms like a nut

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