NGamer UK: Animal Crossing: City Folk Preview

NGamer UK writes: "There's nothing quite like Animal Crossing's chilled-out, surprisingly addictive and potentially endless non-game gameplay. Having felt compelled to play the DS version, Wild World, almost every single day for the better part of three years, we can confirm that the only surefire way to break a chronic Animal Crossing habit is to take the cartridge on holiday and lose it. There are also very few games that sell quite like Animal Crossing, with Wild World's steady sales clock ticking ever closer to the 10 million mark, on top of slightly more modest, but still multi-million-unit sales for the earlier GameCube and N64 editions.

Given that very little has actually changed in terms of core game content from the N64 original to the DS hit, it's no shock to discover that the eagerly anticipated Wii edition is more of the same. City Folk looks exactly like a sharper, smoother version of Wild World, which is the least we would have expected. The curvy horizon effect, which makes the playing area seem like it's wrapped around a cylinder, has been retained from the DS game, and looks rather nice in high-res widescreen-o-vision. Textures have been tidied up to remove the chunkiness that characterised the N64 and DS versions, and it runs at a noticeably higher resolution than the GameCube game."

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