Giant Bomb : Too Human Review

Do you like loot? Then Too Human might be for you. If you have an insatiable lust for items with higher stats than the ones you're currently using, or if you get giddy at the mere thought of Diablo-style rare item naming conventions, you'll probably be able to look past the game's issues and have a good time. But even at its best, it's hard to ignore Too Human's monotonous combat and dated approach to cooperative play.

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Homicide3766d ago

Giant Bomb. That says it all.

Drekken3766d ago

Giant Bomb reviews a giant turd

LossTheEarthbreaker3766d ago

Bout what we're expecting really.

Rent it.

AlienGorilla3766d ago

I was very unimpressed. I thought the controls were awful and the gameplay was lackluster.

Oh, and by the way, i hate to say it but......I TOLD YOU SO. (Not OP just everyone in gneral.)

thenickel3766d ago

I think everyone new that this game was going to get some terrible reviews. Personally I really enjoyed the demo and regardless of what he or she says I'm picking it up and forming my own opinion.

sak5003766d ago

One of the few games i downloaded and deleted after 10< mins of play. The other included in hall of fame are Turning point, Conflict denied ops, prize fighter plus few more.

DA_SHREDDER3766d ago

This game is not even worth playing on a demo for free. Better yet,, we should boycott this game make sure noone buys it. People shouldn't get paid for making games this bad. Also,, as much as I hate to admit it,, but Free Radical should suffer the same fate.

Its crazy though,, cause both Silicon Knights and Free Radical used to make good games. SK should just have made a new Soul Reaver, or Blood Omen, and Free Radical should have just made another Timesplitters.. Then again, this is next gen,, They might have messed them games up too. Oh lord.

ICUP3766d ago

Not even M$ money bag can save this sh!t.

Raspinudo3766d ago

dude, that made my
I really trust the guys over at GB and this review seems to be pretty honest.
Kinda knew this game would blow.

Guess the 360 finally got its haze/lair

Sanhlami3766d ago

Let the reviews stack up.

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The story is too old to be commented.