GameSpy: Boogie SuperStar Preview

GameSpy writes: " The original Boogie suffered from a bit of an identity crisis. It clearly wanted to be some sort of music/rhythm game, but it wasn't quite sure as to what kind. The result was a game that featured hip-looking teens dancing alongside amorphous, multicolored creatures, something that didn't really mesh. Those days are behind us now as Boogie SuperStar has figured out what it wants to be. This sequel is aimed squarely at adolescent girls who are way into pop songs and looking goofy while dancing in front of televisions.

For those concerned about the story, it begins with your teeny bopping avatar being discovered as a singing/dancing sensation who is whisked away to a tropical island where he or she undergoes SuperStar training. Although there are pre-made characters to choose from, you can also customize your own teen star. As you play through the game, more outfits become available to help your virtual self dress for success."

+There's a fairly large track list; original versions of some songs are mixed in with the covers

-The game's look pretty much guarantees that anyone who's not a junior high girl will be ashamed to play it

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