GameSpy: EverQuest II: The Shadow Odyssey Preview

GameSpy writes: "EverQuest II seems to have hit on an interesting formula for retaining and entertaining its player base. Once upon a time, EverQuest II was considered its own beast, separated by 500 years and a completely different marketing emphasis from the still-running and still popular EverQuest. The launch of Echoes of Faydwer, however, seemed to shift that dynamic a bit. By drawing on a much-loved piece of lore from the original game and using it to expand on the story and lore of the original, EQ2 moved the sequel a bit closer to the original. The follow-up, Rise of Kunark, was even more blatant, raiding EverQuest's very first expansion pack for new content. The team clearly shows no inclination to deviate from this plan in EverQuest II's latest expansion, The Shadow Odyssey."

+Cool historical content
+More achievements
+New Heritage quests

-Current player will be happy but will this attract new ones?

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