Who Wants to Buy an "Xbox"?

Endsights writes:

"What's in a name? Whether or not you admit to it - there's a lot in a name. Meeting "Cletus" instead of "Bob" changes your perception of these individuals drastically. In the former example, a hillbilly farmer is probably the first thing that pops in your head, while "Bob" is just an average guy. Without seeing them for yourself and testing out their personal character, Cletus wouldn't probably strike you as an individual you'd like to hang around with.

Much in the same way, the Xbox brand could be suffering from the "Cletus" effect when it comes to hardware sales. During the first seven months of the year, the Xbox 360 hardware has been narrowly outsold by the PlayStation 3 (while the Wii is in a different stratosphere) - despite having a $150-$200 price advantage over Sony, and arguably housing a better lineup of games. Is it simply that people are still buying the PlayStation 3 because of the Blu-Ray player? Potentially. However, there could be a fundamental cause for the stagnant Xbox 360 sales: Who wants to buy an "Xbox"?"

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chaosatom3739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

Ultimately, I don't want to be bothered with extra money for hard-drive or 50/per year for online if I buy a aracade or even buying a wifi connection for that matter because that's the only thing I use in my HOME!!

Plus, the general public knows NOTHING about live features, so it's in Microsoft's disadvantage.

Breakfast3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

Talking down the 360. I bet Chaosatom really wants all the 360's to himself.

Which is understandable. The xbox has everything you want in a console.

Lets see:

Rumble Controllers
FF 13
The greater online

I cant wait to sleep with my xbox tonight :)

Mao3738d ago

I just bought an XBOX for Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, Tales, Infinite Undiscovery and The Last Remnant plus, someday, Star Ocean 4. Should be good times.

The PS3 is for the multiplayer games like Hot Shots, LBP, Motorstorm and PixelJunk Monsters. They all rule! October will be a good PS3 month!

LevDog3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

Breakfast that was by the far the worst attempt..

RPGs is a genre of game that not everyone is into.. So that was pointless..
Ps3 does have rumble controllers
Halo was good for the orig Xbox,Halo 3 was trash
FF13 is for PS3 too retard.. oh and so is versus (something 360 doesnt get)
The online isnt greater.. Ps3 is on par and getting better every FW update

PS3 has Blu ray, Blue tooth, Built in HDD and Wifi

The better 08-09 game line up

360 is dying accept it

INehalemEXI3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

As an rpg aficionado, I have yet to be amazed by a 360 rpg yet. Fable 2, and Star Ocean 4 im sure would excite me though (Fable 2 one of the big reasons I got a 360). Its got rpg's but nothing out now is worthy to write home about, or sell systems IMO.

Aclay3738d ago

Breakfast, the PS3 has Rumble Controllers and Final Fantasy XIII as well... oh yea, and the PS3 has Final Fantasy Versus XIII exclusively as well. Have fun playing FFXIII on 6 discs, Blu-ray is the superior format for next-gen HD games, just look at how RAGE will turn out on the 360.

ActionBastard3738d ago

I need clarification on something. What does rumble have to do with it? Dualshock 3 rumbles. If you're trying to argue that a lot of PS3 owners bought PS3's with no rumble, that matters as much as a lot of 360 owners buying 360's with wired controllers. RPGs? You know better than that. FF13? Uh, that's on PS3 as well. And finally...the greater online? Greater because you pay for it? Listen, when I want to get in a game of Madden or COD or GTA or Tekken, I have zero problems. Hey, I can even talk smack too. Movie downloads? Ditto. Ultimately it's all subjective, but I thought I'd show the other side of the coin.

Cajun Chicken3738d ago

Please explain why the 360 has 'the greater online', I'm dying to know.

mikeslemonade3738d ago

XBOX is a cheesy name. That is Microsoft's way of trying to be cool.

Syronicus3738d ago

Now I play my PS3 more and it is not just for the great games and BD movie playback. I play my PS3 primarily for the reliability and free online. I have an Xbox Live Gold account but can't seem to get myself to play online with it anymore due to the countless times I was left not being able to play online with my buddies for weeks at a time due to hardware failures. I and many, many others have now made the PS3 our main console of choice due to reliability and free online play. That's what gaming is right? Being able to play the games? You can have a great library of games but they are all for not if you can't play them.

jmalc3738d ago

Fun fact none the less,

In Japan, X (bantu) is a pretty universal symbol for "wrong". It's why controls in Japanese games on PS2 seem to have O and X mixed up; O confirms, X cancels. In popular usage, folks will sometimes raise their arms in a cross and yell "BANTU!!", as if to indicate "WRONG!!" or "FAIL" (as our own internets is wont to do).

This has indeed been pointed out by Japanese consumers as one reason they shy away from the "BantuBox". Would you buy a Japanese console named the Fail-Box?

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dktxx23739d ago

The original xbox wasn't very casual friendly. Too many M games, too many complex games, bad controller, not enough features, etc. And according to MS's E3 conference this year, they realize that. I'd bet they'd love some of PlayStation's brand recognition. But its a long road to get there.

highdro3738d ago

more like who wants to trade in there xbox because ps3 is coming to kick ur a$$ is the best time to get a ps3, join the darkside ;I


if its free.........than i will trade it for a couple games for my ps3 .

IAmFlop3738d ago

people still buy that flop console?

red_ring_of_death3738d ago

i have one
last time i played it is
when lost planet was good