Duke Nukem 3D coming to XBLA soon

3D Realms writes: "We've been asked about this for a long time, we've had fans pleading with us for some sort of announcement or information. Well, today is the day!

We're very pleased to announce that "Duke Nukem 3D for Xbox LIVE Arcade" will be coming to your Xbox 360 console soon!

As has been reported around the net today, we can confirm that the game has indeed passed final certification with Microsoft on Friday the 15th of August (on our first try, no less). That means the game is done - it is now in the hands of Microsoft. At this time we cannot give you details on release date or points cost, as we do not have that information. There's plenty of really cool stuff in this new update to a classic title. While we're not quite ready to divulge everything yet, we can tell you this."

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marionz3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

better not be over 800 mp, i refuse to pay anything over that for an arcade game!

I Call 9MM3740d ago

Oh, this game dwindled away much of my youth, so much fun. Can't wait for this release.

kwicksandz3740d ago

it needs to be the raw pc version!

Alvadr3740d ago

Deffinatly gonna get this unless its more than £10!!

poopface13739d ago

this will be awesome over LIVE. Duke 3d is a classic and Id love to play multiplayer. I bought DOOM, but this is way better than DOOm.