Why You Should Be Excited For The Xbox One's Most Creative Shooter writes:

''The first person shooter genre isn’t exactly known for its creativity in the modern market. Superhot is looking to buck that concept, mainly through being stylish and visually striking as it possibly can be.

Originally created as part of the 7 Day FPS challenge back in 2013, Superhot is set for a full release. ''

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PixelGateUk2560d ago

Indies knocking it out the park by the looks of it!

nowitzki20042560d ago

Indie devs are amazing.. Its do or die for a lot of them.. Glad to see a lot of the doing so great.

TGG_overlord2560d ago

I have never heard about this game before. The game has my full attention now though.

u4one2560d ago

I was skeptical when I read the description. Then I watched the video. Looks awesome!

Dark_Crow2560d ago

This game was announced at last e3 or the previous one. Good to know it's coming out soon.

Mikefizzled2560d ago

At least this trailer didn't have the words SUPER HOT blaring every other second.

PixelGateUk2560d ago

bahhaha, i quite liked that to be hones.t Reminded me of Rez

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