Wired Q&A: Die Hard's Maggie Q Talks Videogame Thespianism

Wired writes: "Maggie Q doesn't play videogames much, but she does star in one.

The actress' filmography includes supporting roles in Mission: Impossible III and Live Free or Die Hard, but she'll add a different medium to her resume when Electronic Arts releases its racing game Need for Speed Undercover this fall. In the racing game, Q plays Chase Linh, a federal agent who guides the title's main character.

Creating the game was a challenging experience, she says, not unlike doing green-screen work for a big-budget movie. She talked with about acting in videogames, playing a puppet master and making the jump from old-school pinball to PlayStation 3. So, do you play videogames?

Maggie Q: I do now. You do now.

Q: I mean, I did when I was a kid, and then I sort of had to, you know ... go to school, and work, and be responsible, and didn't have the time ..."

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