Opinion: Who cares about Halo's story?

CVG asks: "The way Bungie famously keeps tight-lipped about anything to do with Halo's single-player story is legendary. But does anyone (apart from those that buy the Halo books) actually care about why Master Chief gets to pump billions of bullets into the Covenant, Flood and Brutes? Or is it that the first-person shooter works well on a pad and is incredibly addictive to play online?"

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Ravenator5295250d ago

I like the story and I feel that people who only play it for multiplayer are really missing out on a good story.

FadeToBlack5250d ago

I dont really care about the story. But I do enjoy the single player story mode than multiplay in almost all games. I really dont get too much into multiplayer. I find when I want to play online multiplayer FPS there is nothing better than Counter Strike Source on the PC.

HaHa5250d ago

Xbots. they never care about the story in a game. Considering they're all 14 year old teenagers, they wouldn't get it anyway. that's why even if they show a video of masterchief sh1tting they'll still think it's COOLLL

Sphinx5250d ago

I'm fourteen years of age because I like my Xbox 360.

sjappie5250d ago

Mommy didn't breastfeed ya? Go play your ps3.

power of Green 5250d ago

It's clear you have no idea what you're talking about, why is it the only time you post fool; is to trash talk 360 owner's. It's the 14 year old kids that's going to keep Sony from failing. If i wanted to sit through CGI stories of over the top drama about V-mouthed round eyed girl/boy running around with 500 pound swords, i could watch that sh*t on one of my Anime channels.

Optimus Prime5250d ago

well you have fun with watching cut scenes all the time, and having guys carry around 500 pound swords. because that is so cool. dont you have a ps3 you should be playing or something, or is there not a game on there that is entertaining

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beans5250d ago

I think the Halo story is very important and very good compared to just about any other game out there in my opinion! The multiplayer of halo is also a plus but to think that the fans dont care much about the story is silly! I mean everyone that played part2 complained about the cliff hangar ending not finishing up like part one so obviously just about everyone played the single player! We purchased all of the books just to get a deeper insight on the story and must say that Halo is in many ways as deep as Superman or Star Wars and thats the honest truth! Anybody that hates on this game just doesn't want to believe it's that great and has sometype of hatered against the xbox or just some shabby tastes! Of course we all have opinions but until you've played it your opinion doen't count just like for those that judge PS3 or 360 knowing that they have never actually played the system! GOW was a great game with spectacular music, gameplay, and graphics but Halo 3 will add the one ingredient it was missing and that's a kick azz story!

InMyOpinion5250d ago

You only notice when the story is bad. Halo 1 had a great story, so did Halo 2, if not as good as the first one. Half Life 2 is another great example of how a story can enhance a fps. And for all of you that have played Prey til the end, the last part of the games story is one of the coolest I've ever seen in a fps.

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